Pooch Ponderings and Kitty Tales collide

Hey everyone. Timmy and I have a story to tell you. First I have to start by saying that I got to go to the mall with Mom and Dude and it was fun. They showed me where the human relieving circle was and then went back to the door and when mom told me forward I took her right to it and got a kibble. She was all impressed that I took her to the big stall. Duh, we always use the big stall. Anyway so then we walked around some and a little human was petting me while I walked and I ignored him and Dude made us stop and mom made me sit and then she talked to the little human and then an old human came and got the little one and we could walk again. We went to a store and mom got something but I’m not allowed to say what. I guess a friend of hers is graduating college. Will she be a guide person? Hmmm. But I can’t say what mom got in case the human reads but we don’t think she reads. Anyway so that was fun. Then we left and Dude was telling mom all the stuff I did like going around people without bumping them and blocking mom by the weird hall so I could look and make sure nothing was coming out to get her.

So we get home and she takes off my harness and asks if I have to go outside and here’s where I’ll let Timmy tell you the rest.

Ok, so at first I didn’t like the dog thing. But he’s pretty cool. I’ve been telling him that he has to help me escape. So I came up with a plan and we were just waiting for the right time. So mom tells the dog that he needs to go outside and I hoped he’d activate the plan and sure thing, he did. Mom opened the big door and then the screen door and the dog usually walks right outside, then mom closes the big door because if she closes the screen, it’s easy for me to run out. But man, the dog did things perfectly. I had told him to divert and confuse mom, and he did just that. Instead of walking outside, he looked into the kitchen. That’s when I snuck by them. Mom started to close the door but then the dog decided to go outside so they came outside. I meowed, but I changed my voice a bit so mom wouldn’t be sure it was me, but I wanted to thank the dog. At this point, since he’s freakin cool, I’ll call him by name.

So Jayden is staring at me and not doing his business and mom is calling my name and asking Jayden if I got out. Like he’s gonna tell her, we’re partners now. I stare back at Jayden and then he finally goes and pees and they go back inside. Mom leaves the big door open and I can hear her calling for me in the house. I went and rolled around and around and got all dirty but damn it was hot, so I went back to the door. Jayden was laying there and I started meowing. Mom heard me and opened the door a crack and then Spinelli tried to copy me, damn copy cat. Mom pushed her back and reached for me but I escaped, so she came out and closed the door and I went to her cuz it was just too hot out. She dusted me off and told me I’m a bad cat and took me inside, then she had to make sure Spinelli didn’t get out so she felt her and grabbed Spinelli and Spinelli got mad.

Ok, I’m sick of typing, here’s Jayden.

Hahahaha so yeah, mom was not happy with Timmy. I was prancing around panting while mom was on the floor making sure all the cats were in the place. Then mom called Gamma and told her I aided and abetted the escape of timmy. Oops! But I want to stay in with Timmy cuz he plays with me. Mom’s all tired now cuz she’s been really tired this week and our little trick didn’t help. Sorry mom. I’ll cuddle next to you now and I won’t help Timmy next time. But it was sure fun to see him get in trouble hehehehe!


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2 Responses to Pooch Ponderings and Kitty Tales collide

  1. haha great story! Isn’t it just so much fun when they plot and succeed? LOL

  2. Jayden, you devil you! Are you trying to earn brownie points with the kitties?

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