Plugs and rambles

I’ve left 2 windows up to remind me to plug two sites and I keep thinking I’ll blog when I feel better, but I have no idea when that will be. So I decided to blog to make sure I get these 2 down so I can close the windows, and figure whatever else comes out, comes out. I think Silicone Sassy and the vacuum are still gonna wait, as I want to be of full brain capacity so I remember the stories.

So let me plug these two sites and I’ll see if I feel like writing any more. Maybe I’ll just leave this up before posting, I don’t know.

B went to a friend’s house on Friday night. There are few things I need his help with these days, as I’ve gotten pretty stubborn about needing a sighty to help. Friday night tv has been one of the things I need help with. I don’t watch a lot of tv, really I only put the tv on at night when I go lay down, as I’ve always fallen asleep to tv. I’ve got my usual channels, USA for Law and Order SVU on Tuesdays and House on Thursdays. Every other night I usually check out Discovery Health and Investigation Discovery. Friday nights usually were Forensic Friday on True TV, though that channel drives me nuts because their commercials are a hundred decibels louder. Since the time change, and we don’t change here, everything is on later. So no more Forensic Friday.

A lot of times on Fridays and Saturdays, B will have to come in and look at the stupid digital menus to find me a movie or something. I like movies I’ve already seen, because I know whats going on.

So when he was gonna be out late on Friday night, I thought great, how am I gonna find something on tv. So I Googled “accessible tv listings”.

Thank you Google.

I found a blog in the results, a blog I’ve read before. Blind Access Journal was like the third result on Google. Holy crap doing that link almost shut down my brain. Ok, one more link.

The blog talked about TV Guide Wireless, which is a really cool little tv guide site for wireless phones, and just like mobile Facebook, works pretty well. You can register your phone or something to create custom listings, but I just hit skip register, and then you put in your zip code and select the cable company. It works pretty well. You can change the time. The only thing that kinda sucks is that you can’t see whats on in the next time frame without changing the time, so you can’t just see whats on one channel all night, or maybe you can and I just need to explore it.

Anyway, point is, I was able to find a movie to put on while Brian was out, and it was one of my old favorites, Point of No Return. It was on channel 155, so the chances of me having flipped all the way up there were pretty slim.

The blog post was written in 2007, so hopefully this site with the mobile tv guide will always be up, since its been up quite awhile, but I sent some feedback anyway.

I used it last night too, and found Con Air on one of my usual channels, and The Matrix on a channel I wouldn’t have checked. So until the day they make audible digital menus for tv, this will work, though I have to check it before I go lay down, which is a bummer.

Ok now I can close those windows yee haw!

Ok now on to nothing in particular, because so far my arms aren’t aching from typing and I’ve missed rambling. I need to un-follow a blog. Don’t worry, its no one I’ve actually talked to, no one who has commented me, no one who owns a dog or a puppy, no one who writes for a living, no one with fun blind stories, no one with personal stories, so none of you who I’ve talked to in any way shape or form, and even if I haven’t talked to you, its none of my followers. Carin and Steve, you know who I’m talking about. I can’t figure out how to unsubscribe though. I found the place to go view the list of all the blogs I follow, and there’s a link that says “settings” and I click on that, and there’s text that says “unsubscribe” but its not a link or anything. I can’t unsubscribe. And I’m her only follower. I just don’t want to read it anymore. I mean, yeah, I complain about things in the “blind world” like inaudible digital tv menus that aren’t accessible. But I finally got sick of it and found a workable solution, sure, not a perfect one, but a solution nonetheless. I am a solution based person. And this particular blog just talks about all the things we can’t do, or things that are difficult, and telling the sighties what we can and can’t do and making us all sound like children, and I can’t even comment her because she has a CAPTCHA which Carin solved and commented, and was ignored. So I don’t want to follow anymore. But I can’t get unsubscribed. Any ideas?

I’ve been spelling Carin’s name wrong the whole time I’ve known her on here. Carin and Karen sound identical. I only figured it out when I was gonna email Carol, and when I typed c-a-r in the “to” filed in Mail, it auto filled with Carin’s email and I was like, huh? So I interacted and spelled out her name. Oh. C-A-R-I-N. Oops. So I asked her and its pronounced just like Karen. Now I’ve got it right, but when I was linking her and Steve just now I started to type Karen again. Sheesh.

Now I’m going to complain about being sick. Today is Day 5. I didn’t go to Gamma’s last week because B was sick and I didn’t want her to get sick. Then I got sick on Wednesday and thought for sure I’d be ok by today. Not. Its moving into my chest now. Its all tight and when I cough, it burns. My nose is raw from all the Kleenex, and my ears keep plugging up, which really freaks me out. I haven’t been this sick in a long time. Usually its just the spoons with the MS. Now I’ve got an actual cold from hell and it sucks. I can’t take immune boosters, well, I could, but I choose not to. Its scary for those of us with autoimmune to have a hyper active immune system, because what body part might my immune system attack? So I drink OJ and take Thera Flu at night. I don’t take anything during the day because I hate feeling stoned. But this thing just ain’t goin away. I guess I’m kinda glad its going slowly, because maybe that means my immune system is just chillin and taking its time, and it won’t get so hungry it wants more and so it won’t go after another important nerve. Crossing fingers. See that? wow. I even found a silver lining to this cold not going quickly. I’m so glad I have that talent, to find something good in just about anything. Even that blog I don’t want to read anymore causes me to be grateful I’m not like her.

Hmmm, blogging is actually not killing me. As long as I don’t do links. Seriously, 3 links and my brain was like nooo don’t make me think, haha!

I spent all day yesterday reading the stories on the blogothon. That was great! What a great idea! I couldn’t donate though, apparently Alex doesn’t like the donate form. Gotta do it over the phone. Oh but Alex sure didn’t mind the new GDB store, bad blogger, not linking. I went to check out this street pack everyone on the email list was talking about. Someone wrote me off list to give me a good description of the bag, and said they were clearing them out. I was gonna sleep on it, and come back today, but then another woman on the list said she was gonna get it for her birthday, so I decided it would make a good “new job” present for myself, and its jut the kind of bad I’ve wanted, so I went to test it out and Alex liked the store and told me to buy it. So I’ve got a new bag coming. Its the kind with one strap, that goes over the shoulder and you can swing it around to get into the bag without taking it off. As soon as I realized I’d need to carry a good sized bag when I have a guide dog, I’ve wanted one that style. And its got the GDB logo on it. So really, it was a must have. Retail therapy is so fun when sick 🙂

My arms are starting to hurt. Gonna see how my brain handles editing. Oh yeah, not going to Saavi tomorrow again 🙁 I haven’t worked out in over a week. Bullocks.


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  1. Ahh yes, I know exactly who you’re talking about, and all I have to say is function.

  2. R

    Meep function meep

  3. By the way…that text you say says unsubscribe, can you just press enter on it? Sometimes JAWS sees things that are links as not links but they’re still clickable, so maybe that might work with Alex too. It’s worth a try if it means getting rid of that awful blog lol.

  4. R

    I wish. I’ve tried, and he just goes clunk. I hit enter again. clunk. I hit VO space, clunk. Clunk clunk. No go. I interacted with it like somethings headers hold links, nope.

  5. Hope you feel better soon! Now, what on earth did you do to your archive gadget? I used to use that a lot as it was a good way to make sure I didn’t miss any posts, but now I can’t seem to work it. Hmmph! Oh darn, Glen doesn’t say hmmph, he only spells it out.

  6. R

    Alex only spells it out too haha. I put the archives into a drop down menu. Hmm, now that I think of it, someone mentioned Jaws having issue with those. I wanted to get rid of large bodies of text, and thought the drop down menu cleaned it up a bit. But should I put it back? Thats right, before I changed it, it listed all posts for the month, huh.

  7. If you’re using JAWS, you should be able to press enter on the combo box, then hit alt enter and then be able to arrow down until you find what you want. when you hit the part of the archive you want to read, press tab and you’ll be taken there.

  8. R

    Whoa. Those are complicated with Jaws. I can put it back the way it wasa, it sure sounds like it was easier that way.

  9. You will LOVE that bag! It is true there is more to carry with a guide dog (so worth it though). I think I am getting your sickness … its miserble.

  10. R

    Oooh nooo Becky. Take Zycam or Airborne if you are allowed to, this thing’s a pain.

  11. There are some blogs I want to unsubscribe from,too (not any of the dog-related). But I feel too guilty, isn’t that so silly? I’m glad you aren’t wanting to unsubscribe from mine. It’s good you clarified that it wasn’t a dog-related one, or I’d be paranoid. Another silly.

    Thanks for the info about the blogathon yesterday. I never would have known about it otherwise!!

  12. Not really complicated, just a matter of remembering the extra step. Once you’re used to it you kind of start doing it as a rule just in case it’s a box like that (some aren’t and can be used normally), at least I find myself doing that.

  13. R

    I am the same way, thats why I made sure to make it clear it wasn’t anyone that anyone has seen post on here haha, and I hear ya on the feeling guilty. I’m the same way, which is why I haven’t wanted to unsubscribe until now. And, I’m her only follower. But don’t think she looks at any of that stuff.

  14. Hi R!
    Jnoi stopping by. *smile* What another ginormous post! lol You know, I saw you spelling Karen with a K but to my eyes (and I’m a sighty) they still sound the same, C or K. lol (teasing ya)

    Whew. I’m glad you didn’t unsubscribe from MY blog. Whew! I have some juicy inspirational stuff (especially with poetry Sunday.)*smile*

    And how can someone talk about what the blind CAN’T do as opposed to all of the things you CAN do! I mean, you all amaze me! I sit in awe of the blessings, I never think of what can’t be done. Pessimist have no place in this world. De-blog them all I tell ya! lol

    And have you tried green tea??? It has a lot of antioxidants in it and no it doesn’t heal the common cold but it sure does protect you from getting them, and them being so severe. I’ve had one cold in three years! Wow!

    You take care and get well. And you could ask sighty Bri— B, to unsubscribe for you. *smile*


  15. I honestly have no idea how many people follow our blog. We have stats so I know how many people are reading it at any given time,but the following thing I just never cared about and we don’t show the number of followers thing on our site.

    And if the blogs any of you want to unsubscribe from include mine and Carin’s, don’t feel guiltty…there are a lot of reasons not to like us hahaha.

  16. R

    I’ve never liked green tea much, but maybe I need to start drinking it. I don’t get sick often. I think B has been sick at least 6 times in the last year and I’ve never gotten it. He’s gone to get me Lipton noodle soup. I always crave that when I’m sick. I suppose I could have him unsubscribe, but I don’t think its a screen reader issue. Usually if a button is completely missing, he can click on it. There’s text there, just not clickable. Maybe I’ll figure it out when I’m better.

  17. R

    Haha I’m sure you’ve had a lot of unsubscribers there, and I was almost one of them, but thank goodness I changed my mind. Apparently I wouldn’t have been able to unsubscribe anyway haha!

  18. “Pessimist have no place in this world.”

    I disagree. They’re actually great people to borrow money from because they never expect to get it back.

  19. Steve’s silly. In describing how to open bouncy combo boxes, he said alt enter. He meant alt down arrow. I think the weer and bisky are thessing up his moughts.

    And function.

    Meep meep.

    I’ve never followed a blog with the follower doo hicker…maybe I should try and see what Glen thinks of unsubscribing. Maybe I should subscribe to her blog, and then unsubscribe…just for fun…ction.

    Ah Daryl of Blind Access Journal. He petitioned Google to get at least audio captcha years ago cause they didn’t even have that.

    And hey, no worries. Everybody muffs up my name.

    Get better. Darn cold. Stop stealing spoons!

  20. R

    Wow. I was gonna ask you if you were hittin the whiskey. I don’t think I’ve ever spent that much time trying to figure out what the heck was said in a blog comment lol. As I was interacting with text, it occured to me that you were making fun of Steve. Wow.

  21. Naah, Carin would never hit the whiskey, she’s got different favourites. The only one hitting the whiskey is me, and I think my comment made more sense than hers amazingly hahaha.

  22. Yup. Guess it was a bad attempt.

  23. R

    Yes, yes it did. I never knew you had hit the whiskey till you told me haha it was Carin who confused me.

  24. R

    No, it was perfect. It sounded just right and made me think you were drunk.

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