Plugging new music

Steve over at the Vomit Comet was asked by his brother to plug a music sample for a friend of his. After I listened to it, I decided I’d do the same and tonight is perfect since it is not even close to a good physical day for me.

Here is the post about it and here is the song over at youtube. The song is called, “Radio”.

I like the song because it’s got an organic sound, not all auto tuned. It sounds like he probably recorded it on his own equipment and like Steve said in his post, the effects are a bit overwhelming during some points and kind of drown out the lyrics, but it’s a good song in my opinion.

Since the internet and youtube seems to be replacing the radio for new artists, I thought I’d help since to me, when it comes to new talent, talent is the operative word. Of course music is subjective and maybe people like the new robotic auto tuned music, but I sure don’t. Hope you enjoy “Radio”. I did!

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