Picking on Canadians and I shrunk the internet

There were two funnies I want to be sure to write down before I lose them forever. Well, actually there were a lot of funnies today with CCR, but a lot of that is private and well, our own humor. But I can share one thing from today and I told Carol I was gonna.

So Carol is great with computers. She is not afraid of them and so she just does stuff to learn and over the years has become quite the guru. Where she lives, everyone knows this, and they all come to her when they are having computer problems.

So one day, this good ol’ boy (her description, she said he always wore a cowboy hat and was well, a good ol’ boy) who had just bought a brand new computer knocks on her door. She opens the door and he looks frantic, almost like he’s gonna lose it and says, “I shrank the internet!!!!” Carol just looks at him deadpan. When she said this today I said, “oh he minimized the browser?” Well, that’s what Carol thought too, but with people like this, she has to physically look at the machine. So she trudges up to his apartment and takes a look and he had indeed shrunk the internet.

You know that little button between minimize and close, the one with the 2 little windows, the one that makes the window smaller or larger? Yeah. He clicked that and “shrunk the internet”, and was convinced he had broken his computer.

Wow. I promise, Carol has come to the rescue of much bigger issues, but that was priceless.

And, I gotta pick on Canadians, and I told B I was gonna blog this. The other day he was watching a Guns n Roses concert on youtube. There is never a shortage of concerts online. Seems like everyone videotapes concerts nowadays and hell, with the price of tickets buying these people homes in every country, I’m glad you can now watch these crazies from the comfort of your own home, no matter how annoying it is for the blind girl you live with who has to be able to hear her computer, but oh, wait, that’s not the point of this blog.

So Guns n Roses are doing a Canadian tour. So B is watching video from this and he’s like, this is crap. One of the videos sounded so awful I asked him to turn it off, and he was actually in the process of doing it himself. He says, those Canadians can’t do it right. Then he mumbled something else and I thought he said, those Canadians can’t do anything right. I told him I was going to tell my Canadians that he said they can’t do anything right and he said, that’s not what I said! I said they can’t video concerts right.

I think it’s probably just the Guns n Roses sucks these days without Slash. And apparently, if you wore a Slash or Velvet Revolver shirt to the concert, you were asked to leave.

Hmmm, you know, I think this is much less picking on Canadians and rather picking on B and his music 😉


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7 Responses to Picking on Canadians and I shrunk the internet

  1. I’m not too worried about you American folks saying that us Canadians can’t do anything right. I’ve seen you on game shows and such answering questions about Canada and if there’s one thing it’s proven it’s that you’re wrong about everything.

    And God, I can’t stand to watch concert clips on YouTube. It’s not just Canadians who can’t record things, it’s jackasses from every country who expect to get a decent recording off of their mini cam or cell phone camera. Yeah, that’s gonna work. I’m glad they list the song titles in the descriptions because most of the time you would have no idea what you were listening to without them…unless every song was called The Ear Splitting White Noise Blues or something along that line.

  2. It sucks looking for concert videos online, cause ya never know when you’re going to get a good one or one that sounds like the camera was recording live from someone’s pocket hahha.

  3. Ro

    Yeah I don’t know how he stands it. It’s like listening to a radio station that’s not coming in very clear. I think he gets links to decent videos on his metal forum. Some of them are ok, but most of them are terrible. I guess for him it’s the next best thing to being at the concert.

    A blogger responded to this in email telling me about some good noise cancelling headphones hahaha! I think I’ll need to look into that lol!

  4. GnR were great in the eighties, I didn’t know they were still together. Is Axl still with them?

  5. Ro

    Yep, they’re still around. No more Slash though. Axl is still there and he’s gone a little crazy. I don’t think they’re good anymore. B got the new album last year and he loved it. I hated it. Axl sounds like a cat getting stepped on, while in heat, and hungry, and dehydrated. Ick!

    And it sucks when they play their old songs like November Rain and Slash isn’t doing the guitar solos. Axl has whole songs written about Slash.

  6. He sure is, I think he might be the only one from back in the day who is but I’m not positive.

  7. Gone crazy? Naah, that ship sailed years ago and he was most definitely on it.

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