“Paper Towns” by John Green – narrated by Dan John Miller

This is the first young adult book I’ve read as an adult that I just didn’t quite “get”. This is the third of John Green’s I’ve listened to and while it was entertaining, witty and smart, the point of the story flew right over my head.

Margo Roth Spiegelman disappears one day shortly before high school graduation so “Paper Towns” centers around the people trying to figure out where she went based on the clues she left her neighbor, Quentin. There were many laugh out loud moments along the way, especialy when a boy has to pee in a few bottles while the group of friends embark on a road trip as they follow the clues. the characters were funny and interesting to read about but the point of the novel was lost on me. I suppose it’s about teenagers learning about themselves as they all share their different opinions about Margo. There just wasn’t that OMG moment in the book, I guess. Maybe I’m just finally growing up. 😉

Nah, it’s probably more since I listened to it on my trip and my mind was on baseball. I remember one night, listening to the book as I used my foam roller to massage my sore muscles. There was a perfect spot on the floor between the two double beds.

Rating: Entertaining

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