Pancake Soup

I have a post to write about a trilogy I just finished called The Grimnoir Chronicles that I loved so much I immediately went back and started the first book over again even though I’m practically swimming in audio books. When I finished the third book however, I couldn’t imagine beginning something else. I don’t think I’ll read the entire trilogy again right now. I’ll probably finish the first book and then read the book Amanda got me. When you really want someone to read a book and they don’t do it, just buy it for them. 😉

Another reason I didn’t want to start a new book was because I’ve gotten foggier and foggier as time went on after the tooth extraction. Yesterday I almost decided to go to the ER after scrambled eggs caused agonizing pain and many tears but I decided I didn’t want to pick up someone’s flu or wait there for six hours.

What I have learned through this experience is that I need to remember that everyone is different and just because everyone else I talked to ate solid food right away without a problem, didn’t mean I could. Wednesday was an enigma. I don’t know why the pain didn’t kill me then but wow did it set in. I’ve since read that the older you get before having your wisdom teeth out, the harder it is for the surgeon and the more pain. I took all the Vicodin and prescription Advil the surgeon gave me. Luckily B and I had some leftover Tylenol with codeine from our past tooth issues so I’ve been alternating four regular Advil and the Codeine with two hours in between. B picked me up a bottle of Advil Liquigels yesterday because my generic ibuprofin didn’t work nearly as well as the prescription stuff had even at the same miligrams. The real stuff most definitely works better. Gamma, you were right all those times I tried to tell you how much cheaper generic pain relief was. “It doesn’t work as well,” you’d say. I believe you now.

I finally figured out that the only “food” I can handle is food with the same consistency as baby food. I actually thought about getting some of that but those jars are so tiny it would be a huge waste of money. So today I’ll get more yogurt and apple sauce since I blew through that like it was water, along with Cream of Wheat and ice cream. I tried oatmeal but even that didn’t work. The oats separate too much and get stuck in the holes. Ow.

On Sundays B and I get Breakfast from The Good Egg, an Arizona based breakfast/lunch restaurant that ROCKS. It’s usually my favorite meal of the week and I get the veggie skillet yum! I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat that today though so I got a short stack of pancakes, ripped them up into small pieces, mixed them with the butter and syrup provided, heated it up again and basically turned the whole thing into pancake soup. It was perfect! You don’t need teeth to mash that up and swallow. It was wonderful! I’m full for the first time in quite awhile. I only wish they had put a little more syrup in there though since I didn’t have any and it really could have used some more.

So that’s the update. I hope I don’t jinx myself when I say that today the pain has either been bearable or I’m just getting used to it. The right side is the worst because that wisdom tooth was almost completely impacted and sideways. When it was in there I could feel it trying to protrude out of the gum sideways. So no wonder it hurts like a bitch and is completely swollen still. The left side is beginning to Heal. It almost feels like it wants to itch like skin does when it’s healing. It’s the most bizarre feeling!

I can honestly say that December has been my worst month of 2013, with Gamma dying and now all this pain. At least I know that in this calendar year at least, I can’t have a worst month. 😉

Wow, that took forever to proof read haha! I make a lot more mistakes when I’m in pain and drugged.I forgot to mention how wonderful chamomile tea is. It is so very soothing on my mouth. Last week the store was out of Celestial Seasonings and this other brand doesn’t taste as good but it’s still wonderful.

T minus 13 minutes till Advil

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  1. HAHA, yes, that is the way to get someone to read something! Good excuse to buy it since it’s close to Christmas and your birthday! 🙂 I do hope you enjoy! Hope your mouth gets better soon!

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