Oops, I stopped blogging again

Well it’s pretty obvious I’ve stopped blogging daily haha. It just kinda happened. I had just run out of things to blog about, but I’m determined not to neglect the blog like I did before.

Unfortunately today I’m coming down with some kind of stomach thing. I feel lousy! On the good new front though, the meeds my doc tried me on for pain are working swimingly. I take them later at night now so they’ll last longer the next day. We’ve weather coming and while I feel it in my joints, I don’t have that awful nerve pain. I finally got Glucosamine tablets again after waiting forever for them, so I’m really hoping those are going to help with the joint pain like they have in the past.

That’s really about all there is to report. Life is going nicely so far this year, knock on wood. Baseball is right around the corner and I’m starting to get very excited for the season. I’ve missed my nice daily reprieve with my Rays!

Oh, haven’t been to the gym this year. Last week was bad and today I’m waiting on the maintenance man. I know I don’t have to be here for repairs, but I prefer it that way, and that’s a blessing now with this stomach thing. I have worked out at home though since getting my TRX equipment. Hopefully some time I’ll get a video of that now that I own my own. I’m looking forward to weighing in and checking how much holiday weight I put on haha NOT! I’ll take it off though and I’m sure it’s only a couple pounds. Clothes still fit fine, but I can just tell I put on one or two pounds.

Ok, I don’t feel like editing. My stomach is complaining again.

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