Oops and schedules

I thought that September was the month that I write thirty posts in thirty days, otherwise known as NaBloPoMo. I’ve never called it that since I can’t actually sign up for it. At least I couldn’t in the past. Maybe it’s accessible now. Anyway the point of that mistake was that I thought I was six days behind on it and I was going to try and scramble to get caught up and start posting every day.

I have so gotten out of the habit of blogging. I don’t really know why. That last writing venture didn’t work out for reasons I won’t go into here. There’s another one in the works though. I’ll write about it when it happens officially. I’m excited!

My plan has been to incorporate a writing schedule. I’ve read a lot of author blogs and they all mention a schedule. Since they work from home, if they don’t have a schedule, they don’t meet their deadlines. I never used to work on a writing schedule, but that was when I was just writing here on the blog so it didn’t matter if I wasn’t in the mood to write, etc.

Last year I found out about NaNoWriMo too late to sign up for it but I began furiously writing anyway. I had gotten all but the ending of a novel written. Then I took a few days off which turned into nearly a year since I’ve worked on it. How does that happen?

Right now I’m working on a short story, one similar to the short story challenges I’ve done here, but way different. L^2 actually put one of my stories in her guide dog puppy auction, a story that hasn’t even been written yet. If anyone bid, they would get to give me the sparks to write the story. Someone actually bid on it! And bid a lot haha! Her sparks are totally different than the ones I’ve gotten here, each one actually an integral part to the story and one has actually required some research, so it’s been fun coming up with the plot, characters and setting. I’m sorry, but you won’t get to read it when it’s done. It’s all for the winning bidder.

I’ve been doing some work for the new venture but again, the schedule I mentioned earlier? Yeah hasn’t been incorporated quite yet. I’m testing times of day where writing happens naturally for me and I think it’s mornings. B is off this week so I haven’t implemented it yet since when he’s off, my normal schedule is a bit skewed. I think I’ve figured it out though, that mornings are best. So, when I implement it, the phone will be turned off, email, chat and Twitter will be turned off and the writing will commence.

That’s my hope, anyway. Best laid plans and all that.

In lifely news, it’s still hot. It’s September sixth and it’s still hot. Muggy even. August was awful. Humidity without real rain to break the pressure. I was really sick a few weeks ago. Had to go to the doc even. Had to go on these horrific meds. The cure was worse than the ailment and I haven’t even returned to the gym because the med can cause tendon tears. Lovely. It hasn’t been a fun month.

Soon though, soon, the weather will break and Jay and I can go walking again. Not stupid little short bursts or just enough during laundry. I can’t wait.

After I recovered for the most part, Jay and I did laundry one day and I was curious how he’d do since we hadn’t really worked much. I do obedience routines every day but still. Let me tell you, it was like he said, “we’re working? Yay! I’m gonna do the best job ever so you won’t worry.” And he did. Normally he waits for my cues when going to the laundry even though he knows where to go. He would still pause and wait for me to say ok but that day he flew. It was incredible. His work is always impeccable no matter how much time he’s had off. He still amazes me.

We do need to work on people distractions however. It happens mostly when I’m out with B. I don’t know why Jayden isn’t himself when we’re out with b. Is it because B is his other person? I have no idea. He doesn’t want to follow and he wants to say hi to every person we encounter. It’s truly bizarre.

I had the idea that next time we go out and I need Jay to follow B, I’m giving B some kibble. Always go back to the food with a lab, right? 😉

Give B the kibble, if Jay follows him to the destination, he gets the kibble. We’re going to try that and see how it goes. Any ideas why he doesn’t want to follow B properly?

Hopefully I’ll get to keep writing here. blogger introduced a new editor I haven’t tried and won’t bother trying. According to Twitter, even the sighted hate the new editor. If that eventually happens and Blogger botches things up too badly, I’ll make the move to WordPress. I don’t want to have to do that, so hopefully Blogger will keep this old simple editor around.

So, even though it’s not November yet, I’m going to try and get back into blogging here. It seems when I’m blogging here, it ignites the writing elsewhere. It also gets me back in touch with the outside world, something that has gone away over this summer. Twitter has been my primary source of companionship. Maybe it’ll get better when it cools off.

Maybe I’ll start writing something daily now, even if it’s just a dumb short post just to post. I miss having this blog active. Ok, Miss Commitment part of my brain? Wake up!!


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4 Responses to Oops and schedules

  1. Jen

    I haven’t left a comment here in a long while so just thought I’d say hi.
    Glad you and Jayden are welll. Does B always play with him and stuff? Maybe he doesn’t associate having him around as working. OJ can be like that sometimes. How about getting B to walk behind and give verbal directions, to make J think more, concentrate more and work harder? I know this isn’t always practical and its often easier to follow when your not in a familiar environment, but sometimes alternating following and guiding works, from my experience anyway.

  2. Well at least WordPress has a blogger importer, so you can just go zoink? Boink! and drop your posts into place. At least that’s what I’ve been told.

    I know Trix is slightly goofy boo when Steve and I set off but she usually settles down. Definitely trying the kibble thing is worth a shot.

  3. That’s good!!! I miss your posts!!!!

  4. Ro

    B doesn’t really play with Jayden, no. But yeah, it could be he doesn’t associate B with work since we don’t go out together a lot. I’ll try the giving direction thing as well as the kibble thing. I think both will help.

    Hope I stick with the blogging haha!

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