Only in the desert?

Its our first semi chilly day today. I don’t know what the temp is, but I opened up my door and just left my security door closed and it was starting to get pretty cold in here.

So I turned on the ceiling fan in the kitchen, and opened the bedroom window.

Then I was getting pretty cold. So I put on my flannel pajama bottoms, thick socks, and a hoodie. All bundled up, with the doors and windows open ha!

In one of my old apartments, I had a fireplace, which is useless here. During the holidays, I’d open up the doors so I could have a fire going.

Is this just a desert thing?


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  1. Hi! I just started reading your blog and love the wealth of information you have here! I am a puppy raiser for GDB. As for a desert thing, I think it must be! At least in the cool fall months, before we get snow, I will do the same thing! We are in a “high desert”. But now the snow is here so all the doors have to stay shut!

  2. R

    Hi! Welcome to the madness lol!

    High desert eh? Snow? What is this thing you speak of? 😉

    I love puppy raisers hehe. I think the work you do is the most amazing and selfless work, and I’m glad to have you aboard!

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