Only 2 new blogs??


Only 2 new blogs on the reading list. Luckily one was from a puppy raiser and it was a cute one. The puppy is 6 months old today so the raiser wrote 6 new things. Absolutely adorable was, the puppy likes to walk around with socks. Not chew on them, but parade with them, something they are trying to fix. I know, I know, its not ok for guide dogs to carry socks, but oh how cute! I knew a dog once that always had to have something in her mouth when she walked around. She’d be on the couch, chillin, and the second she was gonna walk somewhere, she had to find something to hold in her mouth. Is this a dog’s version of a binky? It could be anything though, bone, tv remote, sock, kid’s toy, magazine, book, whatever she could find. As soon as she sat down again, the object was discarded. Fear of walking?

The other blog is a blog I subscribed to when I was new to blogger. Some of the stuff is interesting, but for the most part, its all about inaccessible stuff. She’s not really complaining or anything, mostly her blog is to teach people about blind who aren’t blind. She talks about how appliances today are all digital and stuff like that.

She signs off saying something about her being an accessibility advocate.


I can’t comment on her blog, because she has a CAPTCHA. Figure that one out?


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  1. Ah hell! What a kick in the crotch. High irony, I say. What does she say when you mention it to her? The only place there’s a captcha on our blog is under the email post link. And we have no control over that, sucks to be us. I asked the folks on the blogger forum if there’s a way to remove the captcha, and they said nothing. Like Phil Collins says, no reply at all. Or was that Genesus? Ah, you know the song. The reason I get pissy about google’s captchas is the audio ones work as long as there are numbers in it. If there are letters, it’s like they haven’t gotten around to making them audio yet. So I’m just like take the damn captcha off. But I got no response.

  2. R

    Well, I tried contacting her, but the email on her profile didn’t work. So I can’t tell her. I thought maybe she’d check out her followers, but I know I can’t click on follower links, as they do nothing. So the only way I can checkout a follower is if they comment, but I can’t comment and the wheels on the bus go round and round.

    Yeah, I can figure out the ones with numbers. Its taking some practice. Sometimes my curser doesn’t end up in the edit text box though. Dumb things.

    Oh and I have found “no response” to be the common response. Like, I emailed them. No response.

  3. For the record, No Reply At All is Genesis.

    As for everything else in need of saying here, you and Carin seem to have taken care of it. the only time you’ll get a response from most companies about anything is when taking money from you is involved.

  4. My dog O J likes to carry things around in his mouth a lot. If he’s in his room or the kitchen, as soon as I come in the door he’ll grab his bone or toy, or dish cloth, oven glove or whatever he can find easily and run up to me with it. He had three bones in his mouth the other day!

    Capchas are the most annoying things in the whole world!

    Can you recommend me some new blogs?

  5. R

    I don’t know how to make a link in the comments, but I can post a few links here for you to copy and paste.

    My favorite blog right now is Vomit Comet:

    They are hilarious, and there’s some great guide dog stuff there, as well as whatever else they find interesting.

    I’m trying to think of some others to post who have links to good blogs.

    I love L^2, she talks about guide dogs but also does photography and she has great image descriptions:

    I also got some other blogs from her role.

    I love puppy raisers, so here is one off the top of my head:

    And here is a page with a whole huge list of blind bloggers:

    You have to scroll down a ways. You can add your blog to the list too, by posting a comment at the end of the blogs list. There is a CAPTCHA but I was able to solve it.

    Hope that helps!

  6. Thanks. I’ve seen a few of those but will look at the puppyraiser that I haven’t seen.

  7. I may have to hit her blog and complain about the captchas. And talk about high irony. We can do this together! Hahah!

  8. R

    Oh yeah cuz you have the Firefox thing. Hmmm. I don’t remember what her blog is called. I think its listed in the blogs I follow. Not sure I want to post it though, give her bad publicity. Hmmm….now if this had been yesterday I would have been all over it lol!

  9. You’re not giving her bad publicity, she is. she created the problem and it needs to be pointed out so that hopefully it can be fixed. There’s no good reason to leave well enough alone when it’s not well enough.

  10. R

    Good point.

    I did try and send her an email before, but like I said, it didn’t work.

    Here’s her blog, if you guys want to try:

    My friends words are ringing in my ears…”if you let them think its good enough, they’ll think its good enough”.

  11. You’ll find as you go through more of your life as a blind person that those will become words you live by.

  12. Ah damn it learn, woman, learn! Iframe, woman, iframe! *slaps self* your comment frame is getting heapin’ helpin’s of Carin comments today cause I thought I was logged in.

    I had to yell at GDB cause they had a captcha on their blog. They were nice and nixed it. And it doesn’t look like they’re swimming in spam. If we don’t speak, some people don’t realize how bad it is. I’ll send her a message soon. I’ve heard of her.

    damn it did I say more before? I can’t remember. Ah, it’ll come to me if it must.

  13. R

    Lol I’m so sorry my stupid frame thinks your comments are tasty. I only use the link now. With Voiceover, its not any more key strokes to use the link, so I just avoid the frame like the plague.

    Its good to know that GDB got rid of their captcha. I think I even blogged about them and their captcha but I can’t remember. I know I couldn’t get subscribed to their blog. I need to get one of those RSS thingies or something. I noticed that now on my iGoogle page, there are updates from GDB. I have no idea how that happened lol! Sometimes I think Alex is really a guy who lives in my computer and just does things for me. Like importing my gmail into my mail program without me telling it to. I really appreciated that, but still have no idea how it happened.

  14. RSS is a fantastical thing. Has made life so much easier.

  15. I wanna smash her blog to smitherenes! I can’t find her captcha, but it keeps slurping on my comments! ba ba baaa! Where does the captcha show up?

  16. Now Carin is happy. Carin conquered the captcha. This is what I said.

    Raaaarg. Infernal blogger comment frame, it’s eating all my comments! This will be my fifth or so attempt.

    I hate all the new touchscreens and buttons. I can’t use a treadmill in a gym because the screen says “enter your weight” before you begin and it’s all
    flat. Blech. If you want a cell phone, you have to get one with Talks or Mobilespeak because otherwise it’s next to impossible to use.

    Did you realize that you have one of those fill in the numbers/letters things on your blogger comments? Luckily I have WebVisum, but not all blind people
    do, and some are using something that doesn’t support Firefox. There is Solona, but it’s not always on. And sometimes the audio alternative fails, and
    it doesn’t work for people who also have a haring loss. Maybe you could set comments to moderated? I hate spam too. Apologies for typos, for some reason,
    Firefox isn’t letting me edit my comment. I said hearing loss. Oh well, the other was funny.

    So there ya go. We shall see.

  17. R

    Awesome! Way to go Miss Advocacy lol.

    I wonder if anything will change. Sucks cuz you have to write something and try to post it to even find out if there’s a captcha.

    I have been so incredibly non-productive today. I haven’t even gotten dressed, or made the bed. Wow. I thought about blogging about my non-productiveness but figured that would be a waste, so I’m blabbering on my comments board instead.

    Way to take a day doing nothing, *yawn*

  18. Something is also slurping on my day. I need to go to the store, but I keep getting distracted. It will be interesting to see what she says. I know that name…but from where? It keeps ringing bells, but the bells don’t tell me from where.

  19. R

    If you could understand what the bells were telling you, I’d be a bit concerned. You already hear Trixie’s thoughts in your head, you don’t need to interpret bells too.

  20. This is true. The bells don’t need to start talking to me.

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