“One Shot” (Jack Reacher Book 9) by Lee Child – narrated by Dick Hill

I picked up “One Shot” forever ago in an Audible sale thinking I might one day decide to read the Jack Reacher series. At the time I wasn’t yet caught up with Harry Bosch, so I didn’t want to dive into another large series. One day I was talking to my friend Ricardo and he assured me that the Jack Reacher books can be read out of order, so even though this was the ninth book in the series, it was safe.

I really enjoyed this book! The whole series is narrated by Dick Hill which is a huge plus since I love him. I quickly fell in like with the character of Jack Reacher, a man with no fixed address who travels around by bus going here, there and everywhere. He checks into hotels using the names of Yankees second baseman in playoff years, or perhaps in non playoff years, I can’t remember. Needless to say I got a kick out of that.

In “One Shot” a man accused of a horrific crime asks for Jack Reacher, just find Jack Reacher. Of course he can’t be found since he never uses his name so the defense is just lucky Reacher sees the news and recognizes the man as someone he knew back in the military. Upon his arrival, Reacher discovers the accused has asked for him by name but why? Reacher was never his friend, in fact he promised he’d get the man one day if the man ever put a toe out of line.

Soooo goooood!!! This series is definitely one of my new fall backs when I need a reliably good book to escape into. I also watched the movie Jack Reacher, based on this book. I was leery about Tom Cruz playing Reacher since I imagine him more as a Bruce Willis type, but Cruz did a good job. I was pleasantly surprised, and happy with the movie adaptation of this book.

Rating: So good!

For some reason, “One Shot” is no longer available at Audible. I have no idea why. Amazon has an audio CD but it’s abridged. That’s an evil word. Ricardo pointed out that I could link to the audio book in iTunes. Thanks Ricardo!

“One Shot” at iTunes ~ “One Shot” at Amazon

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  1. A real page turner !. If you love reading crime/suspense thrillers, then ‘One Shot’ is for you. Lee Child writes in simple language which i found very comfortable. I just finished the novel and i loved it. Once you finish this book you will fall in love the protagonist ‘Jack Reacher’. I am planning to read more Jack Reacher novels soon.

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