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As I thought about what to write today I had a few ideas but nothing that was really grabbing me. I don’t feel like writing the few heartwarming stories mulling around in my brain nor do I have energy to be silly about nothing. So I had the brilliant idea to check out December sixth for the last two years. Not sure I wrote on the sixth in 2009 yet but last year’s made me laugh. This might also test my willpower a bit. I have not eaten Cheetos for about a month now. For about the first week or so of abstinence, I was snacking on fresh veggies and cheese cubes at night while reading which was tasty but I got lazy and didn’t feel like chopping veggies anymore. Luckily I didn’t go back to the Cheetos habit, instead enjoying some sunflower seeds when I get the hand to mouth urge while reading.

I was just telling Carol today that my willpower was tested when a tweet triggered me yesterday. Someone tweeted that they craved Flamin’ Hot Cheetos but didn’t feel like driving to the store. My first thought was, it’s a good thing I *can’t* drive to the store, or I just might have gone and gotten me some Crunchy Cheetos. The obsession passed however. So what did I blog on December sixth last year?

Puffs or Crunchy?

When the Cheetos craving first began last year, it’s been a year wow, I asked B to pick me up a bag and he brought home a bag of Puffs. I had thought original Cheetos meant crunchy but no, Puffs were the original. I had taken a poll on the blog and Twitter I think, maybe even Facebook. So, two days in a row now, I’m being tested with Cheetos references. Uh oh!

2009 had three posts. One post announced that voting for the puppy pool was over, another post gives the pool results. Maddie, if you still read here, can you leave your address in a comment? I won’t publish it. I can’t access the Facebook message with it. Yes, two of the winners still have not received their prizes. Just call me slacker. Toby’s raiser, I still haven’t been able to mail it.

This is strange too, because the other post is written from the cats’ POV and I’ve been planning a Pooch Ponderings post to write about a day from Jayden’s perspective.

Unfortunately these posts don’t tell us much about what I was up to on the tenth the last two years, so maybe I’ll do another on this date post again soon. Archives are fun!

Oh, in the cats’ post, Fi asks if anyone knows how to get rid of her dreads. B started feeing the cats Fancy Feast dry cat food and her coat cleared right up.

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