Ok, let’s definitely make blankets for Japan. Who’s with me?

I haven’t had the mental energy to work on this, but I’ve been getting great responses. If you sent me a comment with your email, I have not published it so your email isn’t floating around. I’ll be emailing you shortly, after I get this post up.

There are a lot of great comments on my first post about this. Be sure to go give them a read. A comment from Becky I published just now has good tips:

I’ve also been interested in knitting/crocheting blankets for Japan. The only other organization I was able to find doing the same thing was in England. However, they were collecting squares that would later be assembled into a blanket. Someone there had suggested contacting the Japanese Embassy to see where/if these blankets could be shipped. One thing to keep in mind is that at this point any ports that are open are going to be accepting the medicines and food stuff first. I guess that gives the knitters more time. Also, a note, if these blankets get made, avoid the color white as it is the color of mourning in Japan. Red is a good color as it represents good luck as is yellow.

From an anonymous poster who gave me her email:

I want to help. I will be using the magic ball afghan and the lumberjack afghan patterns. They are extremely fast!!! Should I send them to you? Here are the links if you would like to do these blankets as well: Here and here.

Thank you for the links and suggestions ladies. On the first post in the comments, there are ideas for how to get the blankets there too. I’ve already started on one, using this Granny Ripple Pattern. It’s a pattern I found before going blind and the only one I remembered. It crochets super fast because once you get the base row down, you’re crocheting into spaces, not stitches. Very easy to feel and do quickly. I stopped at Michael’s to look for Red Heart 1 pounders but couldn’t find them, so I ended up with Carom, I think. It’s also worsted weight 1 pound, and it’s looking like I’ll get one adult sized blanket out of the 2 pounds. I had no idea about color, so I got a light brown, B described as coffee with cream, and a light pink. Now that I know about how much I’ll need, I’ll go back for more. Thanks for the tip about white; I won’t use it.

Here are my thoughts on this, crafters. When I went blind, everyone was here. Eventually everyone went back to their lives. Right now, everyone is running to help Japan but eventually, everyone will go back to their lives. Right now Japan is getting warm blankets from relief workers and such, but what about when they rebuild?

They’ve lost everything. They will want pretty things, nice things. I would think that things made with love will be greatly appreciated in the months that follow.

One of the comments on the other post read:

Hi everyone! God Bless you for your ideas and efforts..I found this site that lists the addresses of where you can send your blankets. My beautiful late Mom was from Northern Japan and I plan to send the blankets she hand crocheted to one of these addresses. I think for sure the blankets will be used and appreciated. Japanese people are very kind and honest. My Mom Loved Crocheting and Knitting! She said it was relaxing, an art form, and made gifts of Love. God Bless and everyone stay strong and love each other.

So I think our efforts are definitely needed for the rebuilding. Who knows how big we can make this.

I think the biggest obstacle we’re going to find is how to get the blankets there. Another comment said the Red Cross isn’t sending that stuff. We’ll need to research just how to do this. There was also another comment I’m going to check out, something about starting an organization. Maybe if we actually start an organization, we can get help with shipping, and if it’s all successful, we can keep it around for the future. My friend Erik has already said we have his technical skills if we need a website.

I’ll try and do some more research and see what I can find but in the meantime, just start crafting. They need it for sure, and we’ll find a way.

Oh someone had asked about sizes and I’m going to make baby, children and adult blankets.

Please comment me if you’ve found any ideas for shipping, though we have time for that. Like I said, they’ll need things for a long time and it will take us time to make the blankets. Just start creating, and together we can do this! 🙂


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  1. hi, glad to see you have the same opinion as me! I may well be part of the group from england you mentioned. I came up with the idea and mentioned it to friends, we now have people from all over europe and even an interested knitter from Canada. We will be knitting for the same purpose, to brighten someone’s home after the rebuild when the infrastructure of Japan is back on track.

    We intend to get a good hoard of blanekts going and then when we receive a request from Japanese charities we will ship them out. Of course this could be a long time in the future! We are not a charity ourselves, jst a group of people with the same idea as you have had. feel free to join our group (Homemade Hugs on facebook) http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=164490464005&ref=ts maybe we could pool resources and share ideas?

    good luck

  2. Ro

    Not sure if you subscribed to comments, but I wanted to reply just in case. I’m getting a lot of conflicting opinions about this. Some say don’t bother because some people tried the same thing for Haiti, but I think they probably tried sending right after it all happened when everything was crazy.

    The other problem is shipping. How on earth to afford that? I can’t access groups onn Facebook very well with my screen reader. Maybe we can keep in touch on Blogger? I’m glad there’s another group with the same idea, to send stuff months from now.

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