Oh, those poor Rays rookies…

Just when I thought I couldn’t love the Rays any more than I already do, they have their rookies dress up in leotards and tights and do a choreographed dance to that Call Me Maybe song which has now been stuck in my head all day so maybe that takes a little bit of love away but not from the Rays just from James Shields who orchestrated the whole thing but not really because it was pretty darned brilliant.

Here’s The Heater feed post with some details and the list of girls er, rookies. I think the video is embedded there and there’s also a link.

Here is a great collection of all the tweets about the event and pictures for the sightlings. (Screen reader users, the page reloaded on me once and when I clicked the “next page” button, it just added a bit more material so just scroll up a bit.)

And finally, here is the direct link to David Price’s Twitvid, which was also linked in the links above but this one auto plays and c’mon, it’s David Price’s Twitvid so I fangirled all over it. I think the grin on my face as I listened almost got stuck and my eyes teared up from silent laughter as I made myself be quiet. Carol, I expect you to watch this when we’re on the phone next so you can give me descriptions. I found out on Twitter that Desmond Jennings is the one who did the back flip at the end.

How could you not love this team? I mean how? Really. Is there another team in baseball that has this much fun? Am I just biased? I love this team!


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2 Responses to Oh, those poor Rays rookies…

  1. Professor Twain

    These guys just keep getting better and better. I bet you’re happy about Longo’s blast!

  2. Ro

    It was amazing and it’s hard to stay mad at him. 😉

    Happy Game 162 anniversary! Go Rays

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