Oh Thank God! *geek alert*

This is just a quick post that I’m so glad I can actually write, hence the exclamation to my God above haha! *Going back to edit, I’m realizing this was not a quick post.*!

First let me say, EEEERGH!!!

Ok, got that out of the way. So far it’s looking like I can actually type a post in Blogger and go back and edit line by line, something I had suddenly been unable to do in Leopard. I’ll still copy and paste before adding labels. Oh geez, what if I can’t paste to Text Edit??

I better warn you now, I might be all over the place in this post. Yep, like now. Had to paste what I’d written into Text Edit because as it turned out, I couldn’t go up line by line. Ugh. Well, I was used to that.

Shall I start at the beginning?

Yesterday B and I went to the Apple store. I knew what I wanted before we got there, so I told B I wanted to find a sales associate right away. Faster than telling B to find what I wanted. So he grabbed a guy and I spilled out what I wanted amid the insane freaking crowd in the Apple store. Is that place ever slow? The man informed us he was a tech support guy and would put me in the iCue. Whoa. He took my name and said someone would help us shortly. I asked if they would call me. He said someone would fine me. I made a joke about how that would be easy; just look for the blind chick with the dog.

Someone found me shortly and I rattled off what I wanted, Snow Leopard basic, an external USB hard drive, the battery charging pack for my wireless keyboard, and a set of specific speakers I had found on the Apple site which had glowing reviews.

*Love the speakers!*

So he found everything I wanted and said that was quick and rang us up and we came home. Of course I checked out the speakers first and fell in love with them, then I happily zip tied cords to my new ergonomic set up, thanks Justine!

I then set to backing up my laptop to my external hard drive. No, I have not been backing up. Yes, I could have lost all my writing. Yikes! The backup took about an hour or so and then I was ready to install Snow Leopard. Everything was going so smoothly! *dun dun dun*

Snow Leopard began its installation and for a short time, Voiceover worked and told me about the progress. Then it didn’t work. I reached into my memory vaults, trying to remember what the Mac Visionaries had said about upgrading. I was pretty sure I remembered someone saying Voiceover would turn off, but I couldn’t recall for sure. I sat patiently in front of my laptop, headphones on, hearing nothing but the tiny mechanical clicks and whirs of my computer hard at work.

B would come and tell me what was on the screen and then at one point, all whirs stopped. “The dvd stopped running!” I exclaim. B comes to take a look and assures me it’s still going. Then we order dinner so I’ll stop obsessing.

When B goes to pick it up, I sit before the computer, leaned in close to listen. I check the time; it’s been an hour and installation was going to take about an hour. I hear the laptop restart. Woot! Suddenly music starts and I sit up straight. It’s catchy music, but strange because music has never played before. Then the computer tells me all about Voiceover and if I already know Voiceover, press V. So I do and I can use my computer. It’s talking to me, everything’s fine. Some changes sound a little different, but so far so good. B arrives with food so I quickly cram it in my mouth to get back to my computer.

Everything’s working ok, just a lot of changes. Alex sounds quite angry about announcing links. I want to check the Voiceover Utility but it’s not opening. Did they change the keys? I hit Google, it should be the same. I mess around adding the function key along with my VO keys and finally something works and I get my utility. I go in and make some changes, checking out the new additions.

When I go back to Safari, I suddenly can’t enter text in a text edit field, like the status update bar on Facebook. Huh? B suggests trying the wireless keyboard, but I doubt that will work. I try it anyway. And it works. And now I can use the laptop keyboard to enter text. Huh? Then I try to adjust my volume but nothing works. Then Alex says “muting” and stops talking. Panic!

I hit some keys and he comes back but the volume is insanely loud and I can’t adjust it with my quick keys. I turn Alex’s volume down to twenty five percent. What is going on!!!

Then all kinds of crazy happens and I suddenly can’t control anything. Enter the racking sobs. B comes over and asks if I want to restart. “Yes,” I shriek through sobs. B however, cannot seem to control anything either, so I do a hard shut down by holding down the power key.

B tells me to walk away for a minute and I obey. When I return and turn the computer on, I can now control my volume and access things. I messed around with some stuff like my Twitter client which worked just fine and was able to open Mail, to which I got a nice little surprise, a new follower on Twitter, one of writerly talent greatness. Holy crap! Wow!

I decide to make sure I can still access my documents and after some weirdness, found my menu to open my documents file. It’s all still there, both books. Phew.

I finally gave up and went to bed, knowing a fresh brain always helps with computer stuff. I lay in bed reading and at midnight, fireworks started. Fireworks? There’s never fireworks on New Year’s Eve here. They sounded like thunder, but didn’t last long. Blessed sleep came not much later.

Today, everything seems to be working ok on the computer except I can’t enter text on the Mac Visionaries site, so I can’t search the archives for Snow Leopard information. I’m not finding anything helpful online so far through Google searches. At least I can still enter text in Google. I have no idea what the problem is. I tried the wireless keyboard and still can’t do it. That’s not going to work, not being able to enter text on some websites, and why just some? It makes no sense! If anyone from Mac Visionaries reads here, don’t know if you do but if you do, can you please comment me if you have any suggestions?

So when I came over to Blogger and found I could enter text in the title field, I was so happy I praised my higher power and that became the subject. I’d had the horrible thought last night, what if I can’t type in Blogger? Like Scarlett O’Hara, I decided I’d think about that tomorrow. Which is today. But it’s ok. Phew. I had the back up post by email option but was hoping I wouldn’t have to do that.

In conclusion, I’m not very happy with Snow Leopard. I know, I know, it’s only the second day, there’s a learning curve, etc etc etc. If my entering text issue doesn’t get resolved, this is never going to work and then I’ll face doing a restore back to Leopard.

I’ll think about that tomorrow.

** After editing this post in my Text Edit program, I really like the changes Snow has made there. Before, I would only know a word was misspelled if it sounded funny, or if it happened to be at the beginning of a line, or if I was going word by word. Now, Alex announces misspelled words even as I’m reading a large body of text. That’s going to help a lot with the writing, which I should really do a post on soon.

*** Went back to Mac Visionaries and reloaded the page, and could suddenly type in the search field. Weird.


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5 Responses to Oh Thank God! *geek alert*

  1. i sure wish you were closer to give me a lesson with my new phone.

  2. BS”D

    I hope you get everything to work, I’ve heard a lot about Mac this last months and I’m thinking on converting from Jaws and PC because it’s sucks and I’ve had my iPhone 4 now for three months and it hasn’t crashed yet! It’s fabulous! Thank you for a good blog anyway! I wish you big success in this coming year!

  3. Upgrading or getting a new computer always feels like moving into a new place to me. Nothing’s quite right, none of your stuff is where you remember it being and you’re always having to dig around looking for stuff so you can put it where it needs to go. Then you realize that certain things aren’t going to be the way they were in your old place and it sucks for a while, but eventually you start finding homes for everything and you get used to all the new quirks. Maybe, at some point without even realizing it, you start liking the new set-up. Good luck, I really do feel your pain.

  4. Ro

    It’s all pretty damn awesome now. I don’t know how I got along without the rotor and quick nav, wow! Love Snow. And now Lion is coming out soon haha!

  5. Lol almost the same happend to me a few months ago but with a different speaking program jaws.
    I also freak out when my laptop gets all wheard and the program doesn’t speaks.

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