Oh man, this bonus story is gonna be interesting

I’ve decided to do the end of the month bonus story I had planned on doing before. So, what I’m gonna do is select three sets of Sparks from the ones not selected that I’ve kept track of. There are twenty five unused Sparks, so I’m generating a sequence from one to twenty five. Ok, here’s the sequence. It picked seven, five and nine. Wow, all those numbers and it stayed close together lol! Ah well.

Here is the list of unused sparks:

1. Carin – chair, knapsack, phone

2. Amanda – Panda, leash, guitar

3. Steve – Squirrel, refrigerator box, stop sign

4. L^2 – Winter, purple, elephant

5. Toby’s Raiser – Polka dots, music, camera

6. Katrin – Pencil, dolphin, rock

7. Natalie – necklace, nose, paranoid homeless person

8. Carin – A bunch of bananas, a wrench, a pile of dirty clothes

9. Amanda – a guide dog that loves things that squeak, a tall dark mysterious man, a talking Panda

10. Jen and Bil – Turtle, psychology,… mushrooms

11. Hobbes Dogs – A speed bump, a battery, a baseball

12. Carin – a cookie, a doorknob, a broom

13. Pattib – snowstorm, penny-jar, Grandfather clock

14. Steve – An apple, a Rubik’s Cube, a shovel

15. Jen and Bil – turtle, leash, spanish book

16. Amanda – A Bond girl, special brownies, Gibson Les Paul guitar

17. Katrin – transaction ticket, scissors, wireless modem

18. Amanda – A speakeasy, a flapper dress, a piano

19. Carin – A TV remote, a telephone, a shoe

20. L^2 – Toothpaste, a marble, sunshine

21. Pattib – oak leaf, sunshine, mist

22. Hobbes Dogs – A tower, a photo album, and a plastic bag

23. Jen and Bil – Worms, Vira Bradly, hamburgers

24. Steve – Cookies, a bottle, an exercise ball

25. Maddie – iPhone, Laptop, Car

So, I’ve decided the bonus stories will have a word limit of three thousand and I’ll incorporate nine sparks. Any guesses as to why I picked three thousand and nine sparks?

So this story will have these objects: Polka dots, music, camera, necklace, nose, paranoid homeless person,a guide dog that loves things that squeak, a tall dark mysterious man and a talking Panda.

Oh boy, this should be interesting hahaha!!! The rest of the unused Sparks will go back into the pool for next time.

Year ago recap post will be coming later. 😉


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4 Responses to Oh man, this bonus story is gonna be interesting

  1. Hmmm is it just cause it’s triple the sparks that it’s triple the words? Or is there some other mysterious method? Wow, a paranoid homeless person *and* a talking panda? Wackaloo!

  2. Hmm, I think its something to do with the number 39..but not sure what 39 is..is that Evan’s number? or is it Matt Joyce’s number? You got to tell us!

  3. Ro

    No specific numbers for players but yeah, three and nine are big numbers in baseball lol. So it was fiting that I do three sets of sparks at three each which was nine and yeah, tripled the word count. Triple, nine innints, three strikes, I’m silly. 😉

  4. Ah, ok…gotcha…I knew it had to do something with baseball just was figuring players though lol

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