Oh, Evan

I really should not complain about how late the games have been recently, because those back in Florida have it even rougher than I when the Rays play on the west coast. For them, the games have been starting at just after ten, while it’s only been just after seven for me. But still…it’s late for me haha! I’ve been taking the laptop into bed with me after I put Jayden to bed because I don’t want to miss the games. But then it’s hard to wind down and fall asleep sometimes, though last night I was so exhausted after getting up at six and having stayed up for an extra inning game the night before, that I was finally able to crash immediately.

After the post game interview, that is. Rich Herrera always interviews a key player aftr a Rays win, and I had a feeling it would be Evan. He made a spectacular diving catch to throw out an Angel, batted in a run with a fly and towards the end of the game, hit a three run homer!!!! I love him….and I love listening to him talk hehe!

So yeah, I knew Rich would be talking to him, so as soon as the interview was over, I went to sleep.

It’s been a rough road trip on the west coast, always is. But we still have the best record in baseball yay!

Soooo glad the game starts just after 4 today.

Go Rays!

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