Oh baseball, baseball, pffft

I just never understood it when B would watch a sporting event and get totally caught up, slapping the floor so hard it hurt once, kicking the wall, shouting expletives, or in a joyous state, clapping so loud the neighbors could hear and shouting like he just won the lottery. Or skipping something else much for fun because a game was on. I just didn’t get it. I tried faking it during basketball playoffs when we were first together, tried learning hockey, but it just wasn’t me. I hated sports.

Until last year.

We had just moved in together about 2 months before baseball started. The first of April, B said he was ordering MLB Extra Innings for the tv and I rolled my eyes. He said he’d pay for it, don’t worry, unless he caught me in the bedroom watching baseball. Yeah. Not bloody likely.

Then the blindness happened and I would escape to the bedroom to listen to my shows, crime shows, medical stuff, anything but baseball.

But then I started crocheting, so at least I could crochet while the stupid sport was on, for entertainment.

I couldn’t help but listen. I always liked the Cubs, since my grandparents lived in Chicago, so my ears perked up whenever the Cubs were on. They were actually making the playoffs. Good for them. Then other stories, different players would have the focus, B would fill me in on back story. And then he was just going nuts about “those Tampa Bay Rays”, how they had been the worst team in baseball and they were winning after a new name…I would listen then, especially when Evan Longoria came to bat because his at bat music was great. (Tantric – Down and Out)

Before I knew it i was caught up in rooting for the Rays and they made the playoffs and beat the Red Sox. I was really getting into this! I started yelling at the tv! I would cheer! I was scream!

And then B caught me listening to baseball in the bedroom.

I had to find the upper channel where the extra innings package started, and scroll up until I heard a familiar name, to find the Rays game. Or maybe that was this season. yeah, nevermind. Last year during the playoffs I just had to check TBS or Fox.


The Rays lost to the Phillies and I actually cried. I didn’t want baseball to be over. I had just discovered it. And the Rays lost.

This year I was ready. I ordered Rays stuff online, dealt with the tv only briefly before getting Gameday audio on my computer. I checked the shedule and the standings in iGoogle, started posting on the mlb boards.
Once I hit my leg so hard it hurt.

B told me I should have a third team. Why? Because you should. I have three teams, so should you. Why not the Diamondbacks?

Naw…I don’t feel any emotion towards them. I need an emotional draw towards a sports team. So I was on the search, “interviewing” potential third teams.

Then the Angels’ rookie pitcher Nick Adenhart pitched a great game, his dad was there, he was in a van with 3 other passengers after the game, got hit by a drunk driver, and killed.

The Angels became my third team.

I signed up for text alerts on my phone, so anytime the Rays, Angels and Cubs played, I got alerts at the end of the 3rd, 6th, and final innings, as well as all scoring plays.

B and I went to see the Angels play the Diamondbacks during interleague play, and the Angels won!

Well, the Rays and Cubs didn’t make the playoffs.

The Angels swept the Red Soc in the first round, and then went on to play the Yankees.

They lost last night. Its over. All over. I’ll watch the World Series only to hope the Yankees don’t win. I’m not rooting for the Phillies. They are the Rays’ enemy. I’m rooting against the yankees.

But the passion is gone. The fire out. I’m already looking to next season.

I feel empty.

What has baseball done to me?!?!


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4 Responses to Oh baseball, baseball, pffft

  1. Wow. Whehn you get into something, you do it hardcore. I love it!

  2. R


    Hence the insane number of blogs, and also my day today 😉

  3. As a Blue Jays fan, I feel your pain. At least your teams have had some form of playoff success after 1993.

    The Yanks winning yesterday ruined my night. I’ll cheer for the Phils in the World Series only because they’re not the Yankees.

  4. R

    Ah B is a Jays fan as well.

    He was saying that everyone expects the Yankees to spank the Phillies, but he pointed out that only like 2 people on the Yankees team have WS experience, and the Phillies just did it. Soooo, if I had to bet, I’d go for the Phillies even if it meant money. Not to mention the Phillies fans are quite eccentric, and every non Yankees fan will be rooting for the Phillies.

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