Ode to the bum cushion

I bought a desk chair back in December. Just your run of the mill office chair on wheels. Of course it felt great in the store, sitting on it for five minutes. I was creating a more ergonomic work area since before, I had my laptop cart set up by the couch. It was comfy on the bum, but the twisting I had to do to type was just bad.

So, back to the chair. I thought I wouldn’t be able to have arms on it, so there’s not even arms. It has been the most uncomfortable awful chair! I really think that’s been part of my writing drought. I just have not been comfortable.

There’s this store called, Relax the Back. I’ve heard commercials for it and have always wanted to check it out. B’s dad is in town, so we went and checked it out today. I told the salesman my chair is awful and I spend a lot of time on my computer. Naturally he wanted to make me fall in love with a chair, and he succeeded.

If the chair had asked me to marry it, I would have said yes.

He showed me all the features, the memory foam in the arm rests, the adjustable lumbar memory foam, the rocking feature, the reclining feature, oh my.

Then I asked how much it was.

Let me just say I could have bought a brand new Macbook with the Apple Care for less.

He began running through the less expensive options and none of it was in my price range. Really I couldn’t afford to be spending money at all, but I just get in so much pain whenever I’m on my computer, that I’ve been desperate. I’ve tried pillows, I bought a memory foam back cushion on Amazon which I even tried sitting on. Nothing has helped.

I asked if he had anything that could just go on a chair. of course he did. He put the cushions, bum and back, on a plain old chair and wow, it was almost as comfortable as the desk chair that costs more than a Macbook. I bought the seat cushion.

It has a removable tailbone insert thingy. When I mentioned that my tailbone always hurts, he told me about it. The insert was already removed. I wanted to try it with the insert. Ouch! That’s definitely my problem. This cushion lets your tailbone just kinda “float”.

I absolutely cannot wait to go back and get the back cushion. It has an adjustable lumbar area and works well with the seat cushion. When we got that thing home and put it on my chair, I sighed with happiness. I’ve been sitting in it for hours and I can’t believe the lack of pain in my tailbone. My back even feels better, though I know that cushion will help that even more.

I think I’ll be able to cut down on massages now. The only way I’ve been able to manage the level of pain has been to get a massage every three weeks. I get an incredible price but still! If I can cut those down? Totally worth it. I had some buyer’s remorse after we left because I’m gonna be really hard pressed now to make it through the month, but I think it’s going to be totally worth it.

B’s dad said he expects more blog posts from me now. I told him I’d write an ode to the bum cushion. So, here it is. You went back to the hotel before dinner. It’s Friday. Here’s your post. 🙂

More posting is coming soon anyway, since next month is NaBloPoMo, 30×30 it’s called here at the Roof since I can’t register for the actual blog posting month. Wow, almost no blogging for awhile and soon I’ll be trying to write every day. Wish I could get that back cushion before November.


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  1. I’m told I’m getting a new office chair for Christmas. I hope this is true since if I don’t I’m either going to have to suck it up and buy one or go back to my attempts to hustle a free one to go with the new free desk I got a couple months back. There’s nothing like a good chair.

  2. Ro

    My chair is definitely not a good one, but this cushion? Oh my. What a difference. I can’t wait until I can afford the back piece. Never thought I’d spend so much on stuff like this, but it’s totally worth it. I am in so much less pain. It’s pretty incredible!

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