Nothing to say so I’ll write a blog

I really hate it when I’ve gone through all my email, read the blogs I subscribe to, check whatever else, and then sit here thinking about what I could write and I can’t think of anything good.

So I’ll write anyway.

Hmmm. B’s computer hums really loud. Thats actually all I hear. I actually sat and listened for a minute. Is that grasping for straws? Oh the wood in the wall just popped. that freaks me out sometimes, when I hear popping and/or cracking in the walls/ceiling. Is my apartment going to cave in? Are there termites? Its just normal settling. Yeah, thats all it is. The air is warming up and the temperature is varried between the air and the wals so the walls are warming up at a slower rate, making the wood expand. Or contract. Which is it? I don’t remember. Oh man would my chemistry teacher be disappointed? Or would that be my physics teacher?

I always liked physics better. I was always so visual oh there;s a really loud pop in the ceiling. Anyway, physics and geometry were always my favorites. Dave actually guessed that I was good at geometry on Friday when he told me to turn left about 45 degrees and I nailed the angle. I guess thats why I was good at pool.

I miss pool. So many little intricasies. Angles and speed and english and thinking how the english on the cue ball will affect the object ball or the angle coming off the rails, man I miss my old bank shuts and extreme cuts and trying to snooker my apponent. I miss competing. Competing was always so fun.

Maybe I’ll join the goal ball team. It would be nice to cmpete again. But in goal ball you have to be pretty bulky and sturdy and I’m trying to slim down and tone up. But it would be fun. though they play on their knees and my knees aren’t in the best of shape. But I bet my future guide dog would like to take me to goal ball practice.

I haven’t had dreams about a guide dog. I’m gathering from a lot of the other blogs I read that people have dreams about their guide dog and school and stuff right before they go and right after they get back.

I don’t remember my dreams much. Its really rare to wake up and remember a dream. My Grandma tells me about some of her dreams and the one she told me Friday gave me the chills and made me afraid to shower, but I’m not gonna post it cuz it was too freaky.

I’m going to Grandma’s today. I forgot to get the peach pie so we have to stop and get that first. I wonder when the baseball game is on.

The stupid Yankees won last night. I’m hating this World Series.

Do you think poker is something that should be on ESPN? They call it the World Series of poker. I don’t understand it. Its a card game. B said its competition, so it belongs on ESPN. He used to tell me its no different than pool being on ESPN. I think pool belongs on ESPN though. Maybe thats just cuz I like pool.

I think there has to be a way for blind people to play pool. How did I get back on pool? See I was trying to just ramble on finding ways to segway into another topic and here I am back at pool.

One of the bloggers wishes her dog could get in the pool. I’m gonna have to figure out a way for my dog to swim too. I wonder if there are any doggy pools, though I wouldn’ want me dog to be in a pool with just any other dog.

Other dogs are mean. I read blogs about other dogs and other dogs scare me. If anyone or any dog hurts my dog, oooh hell noooo there would be hell to pay.

Oh crap its time to pay rent. Man I hate rent paying. There goes all that money! Bye bye money! People say “buy a house”. But I like renting. Anything breaks, they fix it, for free! Well I know its included in the rent, but ya know. I don’t have credit cards, how would I pay for a broken a/c or fridge?

I want to finally turn the a/c off for good. Its November already and we still have the a/c on at leat we did last night for a bit. This is when everyone gets sick, cuz it cools off and then warms up and cools off an warms up and cools off and warms up. Ah, the desert. We’re special here, we don’t even change our clocks.

My talking watch automatically changes itself for DST. It doesn’t know it lives in Arizona. My phone and computer know not to change. Now all the cable tv shows will be on at different times. I hate DST. It has no meaning for me. DST. Don’t say that? DST. Don’t sit there.

I couldn’t just sit here. Thats why I had to write a blog about nothing. Oh duh, I could have been importing books. Ok maybe I’ll do that now. Heard the email ding quite a few times. Lets start the whole thing over…check emails, get caught up on reading list, check whatever other site…hahaha.

Ok. So sorry. If you stuck with this blog till now, you know I’m a little wacky 😉

Though you probably already knew that hehehe hahahaha hehehehe!

Oh yeah, I don’t feel like diting, so sorry for typos. Typos are funny on a screenreader. Oh no, I could strt rambling again. no no no! The lady in the lobby afraid of the dog no no no, Karen walks away yes yes yes LOLOL!


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  1. I just clicked on the thing above the comment frame like you told me too and it worked, so well done you!

    That was a great post. 99% of my posts start off about nothing and end up being a rambling mess, but sometimes they get more attention/reaction than the well constructed and thought out ones.

  2. R

    Oh good, I’m so glad that worked. Blogger is so weird 😉

    Glad you enjoyed my post about nothing tee hee!

  3. Hahahah! Glad you enjoy those posts. I haven’t seen that lobby lady in a while. Maybe I scared her away.

    I don’t know of a blind person playing pool, but there’s gotta be a way somehow. I’m amazed at how many ways there are to do things.

    I dabbled with Goalball. I was never very good at landing on the ground with a thump skid squeak, but it was fun.

    Now I’m intrigued about your grandma’s dream. I have my fair share of freaky dreams.

    I never dreamed of the name of the dog. I would just randomly be walking with a dog in my pre-dog dreams.

  4. Enjoyed your ramblings. There is something cathartic (?) about just typing away. I also want to play goal ball one of these days!

  5. R

    Well, maybe its not as freaky as it was when she told me, because I told B and it didn’t freak him out. She said she woke up, looked at the bedroom door, and there was a police lady standing there, looking down the hall and nodding yes. But the way she told me, it was like it really happened, so maybe thats why it freaked me out so bad.

    I’ve got my ideas for blind pool. Maybe I’ll blog about it. But then someone could steal my ideas lol.

    Maybe lobby lady decided she just couldn’t live with the dog in that building lol. Good luck finding anywhere dog free in Canada or the states.

    I wonder when my guide dog dreams will start. I do vaguely remember a CPR dream last night though. It came to me driving to grandmas. I was giving CPR in class to a dummy but then it started breathing and I was like, come on girl breathe! LOL! Thats all I remember. I read your CPR post yesterday haha!

  6. R

    Becky, at Saavi there is a woman who works there in the gym and she is my trainer, and she’s a gold medal winning paralympan in the sport of goal ball. She has inspired me like no other and if I join the team, I’ll get to play with her. This wouldn’t be the paralympic team lol, just a local one.

  7. Wow. My posts are inspiring dreams. Let’s just hope your dog doesn’t lick the back of a fake victim’s head though!

  8. R

    Well, considering I read all the Trixie posts this weekend, I think I’m a little inside your head lol!! I’m now all the way to the training journals. You can now safely say that someone spent just about an entire weekend reading your blog 😉

    Oh, and when you posted the voting food story on the email list, I knew the story before you finished it lolol!

  9. Eek. Soon you’ll be finishing my sentences!

  10. Poker is not a sport and should not be on the sports stations. So what if it’s a competition, lots of things are competitions and not all of them get to be on the sports network. When have you ever heard “coming up after Sportscentre, it’s the world punch buggy championships followed by professional shotgun calling”? You’ve never heard that because it would be stupid, just like poker on ESPN is stupid. I used to use my it’s not a sport anger to rail against coverage of spelling bees on sports channels, but then poker entered my life and I realized that things could, and did, get a lot worse. At least with the spelling bee you have to be good at something, poker is pretty much all luck, sort of like playing go fish with money. I guess you need to have a bit of a skill set so you don’t make a stupid face when you get good cards, spill your beer or knock the chips over, but other than that…just…no, poker and the nonstop coverage of same can die in a fire! Here’s a good rule of thumb to explain all of this quickly and easily: if something can be both a sport and a game show without a single rule modification, it probably doesn’t qualify as a sport. the only time I believe this rule has ever not applied is in the case of Bowling for Dollars…did you have that show in the States?

  11. R

    Ok I’m glad someone out there agrees with me. My argument with pool is, at least you move when you play. You don’t sit down. And it takes some flexibility and sometimes, actually often, a strong heart and definitely strong back and leg muscles. Poker…hmmmm no muscles needed, except maybe facial muscles like you pointed out.

    I’ve never heard of Bowling for Dollars.

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