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I’m bored. There were only two new blogs this morning, so I’m already caught up. Everyone is sleeping, meaning B and Jayden are sleeping. So the only thing to interact with is my computer, but even that is boring. I could read, I’ve gotten into a routine with reading and I only read at night. Sometimes I’ll read during the day when I crochet. Oh. I could crochet. Hmmm. Eh. Don’t feel like it. I really need to get to Michael’s and get yarn for the two blankets and the scarf I need to make for the puppy pool winners. When is that gonna heppen. I need a girl who has some free time who knows about yarn. Hmmm.

My allergies are really bad today. It was pretty windy yesterday, so I was expecting this. Technically, I could take the allergy pills that make me stoned, since I don’t have anything on the agenda today. Saturday’s are now my only lazy day. I’ve been taking just one allergy pill in the afternoons when I’m in for the day. A zyrtec in the mornings, but they aren’t really helping. I wouldn’t mind, except my ears are being affected and that really, really scares me. I’m pretty sure it’s just allergies, but the crazy in my brain tells me, what if it’s not? I wish I had never watched ‘Hillary and Jacki’ about the cellist Jacqueline Dupree who had MS. In the movie, she loses a lot of her hearing. I don’t know if that really happened or if it was just done for dramatic effect. She ends up turning the volume up way loud when she’s listening to classical music. I don’t want to know if it’s true, so please, no one comment me about that. If hearing loss happens with MS, I don’t want to know, so please, no one say anything about it. My neurologist said don’t get online. So I don’t. I know enough about it to manage it, but I don’t want to know about the what ifs. Drives me nuts when people are like, oh I know someone with MS and they’re in bad shape. Don’t tell me these things.

Holy crap how did I get off on that? Yikes. Guess it’s a fear that’s been in the back of my mind.

Timmy and Spinelli are playing way back in the spare room and Timmy keeps doing his crazy play meow. He sounds like he’s in pain when he does that. Silly cat.

Jayden is asleep next to me on the couch with his head on my leg. Cute! I never want to move because I don’t want to disturb him, so I’ll stay uncomfortable until he moves lol. B and I do the same thing with the cats too. Think they’re spoiled? You bet.

Hopefully I’ll make it to Gamma’s tomorrow. I didn’t go last week with the stupid allergies.

B’s computer is really loud. Geez. I’m so used to laptops being so quiet that a loud desktop is really annoying. On the rare occasion that it’s off, it’s so nice and quiet in here.

I heard a noise earlier that could have been rain but I don’t think rain is forecast. It was probably more wind. I’m really not a huge fan of spring, and the reason is because I know summer is around the corner. I’m opposite of cold weather folk. They’re all excited and I’m getting ready to hibernate. It’s really beautiful out, but the pool water will be too cold. So you can’t go swimming. When the pool water is warm enough, it’s sweltering outside, so getting too and from the pool makes you sick. I wish the pool was heated so it would feel nice right now. How I’d love to get in the water and get some good sun with it’s happy vitamin.

I got the wrong thing in my grocery order yesterday. Carol had been telling me about these Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls with all kinds of yummy stuff that you pop in the micro so I got what I thought was that but I ended up with this bag so I asked B and he read the instructions and you have to add eggs and cheese and cook in the skillet. Yeah, how bout no. So I’m either gonna give to to Carol or else get eggs and cheese and have her make it here for us to split. Everything else in the order seems right so that’s good. It’s nice to have food in the house again.
Bored bored bored. I want to play with Jayden or something but it’s quiet time pretty late here on weekends. B always says not to worry but I can’t help it.

I finished ‘Pretties’ the other night but I can’t go get ‘Specials’ yet because it would put me below my money cushion for the month. I really, really need to look into free books. But I like to put them on my iPod and I think all the free stuff only works with Daisy players or Victor. Not sure. The last time I looked at the library site, it was going to be a major pain to get it all to work with the Apple stuff.

I’m out of coffee now, so I’m gonna have to move Jayden’s head.

Wow Jayden actually moved after I got up. Usually when his head is on my leg and I move, I come back and have to slide back in under his head lol. I was thinking about yarn when I got my coffee and it’s the one thing I can’t order online. I tried looking online, but of course there’s no descriptions because they have pictures. And of course you can’t tell what the yarn looks like because it’ll have names like amish sunset or something. Ok maybe not really amish sunset, but you get my drift. And I have very specific ideas in my head for these projects. I miss when Chupa was here and we went yarn shopping. I have two other girls, Georgie and Lish, who know about yarn, but they are both full time students and very busy. Man, when am I gonna get yarn. I want to get these three projects done and shipped before winter. I’m just gonna have to ask one of them to make some time please.

Oh yeah so since I couldn’t get ‘Specials’, I started ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ last night. I can tell it’s going to be an intense read. It’s cool though, cuz there are like six different narrators. So you have different narrators for different characters, both male and female. I read one other book like that long ago. I think it was called ‘The House at the End of the World’ or something. It was really good. It had four different narrators. Really makes it fun.

I think I’m running out of nothing to write about. Funny how nothing becomes something when you just let words pour out. When I write these nothing posts, I have nothing in mind, but stuff comes out. Weird.

I want some waffles but I’m lazy. I’ve also got some breakfast sandwiches I could just throw in the micro. I’m really trying to be better about breakfast. On days where I’m gonna go be active, I have my instant breakfast with soy milk. But you have to be active after that or it’ll just make you gain weight. I mean everything will make you gain weight, but especially the instant breakfast since they’re made for active people who don’t have time to eat right? Yeah. I’m out of them anyway. I couldn’t tell on the website if they were packets or the actual drink so I didn’t order any.

Well, I guess I’ll edit and go forage for food as Carol says.


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  1. posts about nothing can be very interesting. I don’t seem to be blogging as much as usual and would prob have lots to write about if I just typed and didn’t think about it.
    If I knew you were bored a couple of hours ago I could have told you to listen to my friend Stuart’s podcast
    His friend is on now and the show isn’t as good or as crazy as it has been in the last couple of hours. If you like podcasts and haven’t heard his from my blog check out

    I hate the noise of desktops too. I hate desktops in general.

  2. L^2

    Gosh, I’ve been really bad about not leaving comments lately, but I think I am finally caught up on reading posts now. And I just wanted to say that If I lived closer, I’d totally go with you to pick out yarn for your crochet projects. I bet we would have so much fun! LOL

  3. Ro

    One time I was chatting with Lish and I had her look at yarn online, so technically maybe I could do it that way too, but I still think it’s taking a risk. That would be soooo awesome if we could go yarn shopping together hehehe!

  4. My allergies have done that to my ears also. If you went to a doctor he would probably say “You have a buildup of fluid in there.” and give you something to help break it up. But if you can control it with o,t,c stuff you’re probably better off.

  5. Wow, for not having nothing you sure gave us something. :)kibble kibble. lol

    Maybe you should get bored more often?

    Just stopping by, letting you know I’m still here.

    Happy Sunday Ro! Tell Gamma hi from me! *big smile*


  6. Yeah I loved the thing about My Sister’s Keeper having narrators for each character. Made the folks more real.

    I’ll have more to say after I get some sleep. I think over the weekend we got a grand total of 6 hours’ sleep. Fall down go snore.

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