Nothing, nothing, tra la la

I don’t even know why I’m blogging. I think I’ve been so busy on the computer today that now that everything is caught up, I don’t know what to do with myself.

I joined a new email list last night, and when I woke up today, I had quite a few emails on there, and quite a few new blog posts to comment on. Then I went to Grandma’s for 3 hours, came home, and had 65 new messages! Oh and there’s the email ding again!

wow. When it was all caught up I decided to blog. But what about? B is flipping between football, which I care nothing about, and baseball, which I care immensley about, but I get really worked up in this series when I watch too closely. So when he puts the game back on, I’ll keep an ear open.

I had fun at Grandma’s today. I took my big ginormous scrap yarn blanket over to wash. Back before I went blind, I found this thing called “scrumping”, where you take all your scrap yarn and tie it all together randomly and leave half inch ends, ball it up, and make a blanket. So months ago I organized my crochet cabinet and there was a ton of scrap yarn in there. I started tieing together random lengths of random yarns, some textured, balled it all up, and started a ginormous granny ripple. I finished it about a month ago and have been told it looks just like a patchwork quilt. Its great too, because its very textured, so I can feel where things change. It covers a queen sized bed, its that big. So I took it to Grandma’s to show her and to wash it. Oh, email ding. I wonder how many will pile up while I’m blogging about nothing?

Hmm, I could crochet a pretty dog bed cover. There’s an idea. I have some baby yarn that I can scrump with, I need to dig that out. I’ve also got the last bit of charity yarn I bought. Its all bright pinks and blues and stuff, hot pink as was described to me, that I’ll offset with bright white. I’m also going to make the ripples slant. I think it’ll be great for a teenaged girl. If I ever get back to crochet.

We’re still on football…I haven’t gotten any text alerts on my phone…I get text alerts for all the Angel’s games.

Ok wow. I’m really at a loss for words. Why did i start a blog?

Oh I just realized I was supposed to review braille. I have class on Mondays now instead of Wednesdays, and I’ve been paired up with an older gentleman. Braille used to be one on one, but the government said that blind people under 55 aren’t as important.

Oh no. I feel a rant coming on.

Yep. Lovely budget constraints. Apparently, those of us under 55 don’t need as many services as people over 55, because we should be in a vocational program. Except that….there is a freeze on vocational services, so we can’t enroll in vocational services.

Saavi wasactually cut billable hours for O & M for people under 55. Its just really bad.

So, Saavi got creative. If they pair us up with people over 55, they can continue to offer us services until we can get into a voc program.

The bad thing is, some of us might not be able to work again. Take me for instance. I’m not just blind, I have multiple sclerosis. When I was first diagnosed, I was pretty sick. Disability denied me twice, and Grandma supported me for almost 2 years. Finally my dad and uncle persuaded me to go back to work, so I got hooked into vocational rehab and went back to work in medicine. 40 hours a week had to be worked so I could have medical benefits. 4 months after I started to work again, the MS flaired up and took my remaining eye.

So am I scared to try to work again? You bet your ass. If I do, it will only be part time. I refuse to do 40 hours. But will part time work affect my medical benefits? Everyone tells me the vocational people who specialize in blind know all these answers even better than the other voc people. But as was stated, there’s a freeze on services.

This rant is pretty much moot, because Saavi freakin rocks, and found a way to keep services going, so I don’t really need to get so worked up.

Except that my 20 year old friend, who is slowly going blind, is being denied some services, because he still has some decent vision. he’s trying to prepare for the inevitable, but can’t right now. Oooooooh ok I need to stop.

Crap. Text messages…Ick. Yankees up 3-1.

Wow, I started to just blog about nothing and ended up with stuff. Strange how that happens. I think I’ll edit and check the emails. Oh man, editing with a screen reader is a pain in the tush. I don’t feel like doing it. Oh well, sorry for typos 😉


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  1. What? The government is deciding who is important and sho is not? Yeah, they haven’t actually said so but I have definitely got the impression that if I don’t work toward getting back into the workplace, the commission for the blind won’t do much for me. Have to think about that one.

  2. R

    Yes, its really frustrating.

    The way it was put to me when I talked to a vocational rehab lady who specializes in blind was, getting into the voc program doesn’t even necessarily mean that I’ll ever work. But for funding purposes, I will get more if I’m in a voc program.

    The blind centers’ hands are really being tied, and apparently some have even closed. Its really frightening. From what I heard, blind is the last thing on the list for funding. Everything else is first, and the blind gets whats left over.

    I really think it has a lot to do with the misconception that blind people are useless. A very small majority of the blind actually work. And its not the blind’s fault, its this misconception that blind people are not as productive as the sighted.

    I was talking to my friend who is highly involved in the deaf community, as she is studying to be an interpretor. She said the deaf are really loud when it comes to advocacy. They have foundation after foundation, and what do we have? AFB, NFB and ACB. She said the deaf of lists of advocacy groups. So my friend and I are going to start attending the monthly ACB meetings here, and I’m going to try and get more involved.

    We just have to be louder.

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