Not a good day

I am having a really bad time of it today. Let me back up to yesterday though I suppose. So yesterday I posted really early in the morning since I got out of bed at 3am. I was looking forward to the last medical appointment of the week and anxious to find out about the next stage in my treatment.

the doctor ended up running late for my appointment since he does rounds at the hospital before going to the clinic and he had a patient stroke out in the ER. So Jayden and I sat in the exam room and I played iAssociate 2 on my phone. The nurse practitioner came in when they got there and told me I was negative for that virus that would keep me from taking one of the MS pills. I couldn’t believe it. I really thought that with my luck, I’d for sure have to do the infusion drug. I told her I was feeling dizzy and overall like crap, no desire to eat, forcing food down when the steroid hunger hit. When the doctor came in we just discussed treatment, not really how I was feeling after steroids.

I have to get an eye exame to see if I have macular disease since the pill he wants to put me on can cause that. I’m like raelly? So what? My eyes are broken anyway. I also have to have an echocardiogram and if I’m clear, then I can start this pill. I can’t remember what it’s called. A nurse has to come over while I take the first dose because it can make your heartrate dip.

So Anyway, I get home and remember I didn’t get a prescription for a staroid taper. In the past when coming off solumedrol I’ve taken a prednisone taper at home. So I call the MA and leave her a message. I didn’t hear anything and it was 4:30 so I call the office and explain I’m concerned about not having a taper so she gets on the phone an explains that my dcotor doesn’t do the taper.

So I’m coming off soumedrol col turkey and it’s not going well. I googled and everything I’m experiencing seems pretty normal for solumedrol withdrawal. I’m not happy about this. I feel like absolute crap. My arms and hands are weak. I hope the strength comes back.

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  1. Ceci

    Hope you’ll feel much better soon!

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