No time to really write but here

Busy day. Good busy but busy. Got up, did laundry, while loads were in began moving furniture. Moved white couch to move blue couch out. Put blue couch in hallway thing. Jayden wondered why I moved his couch. Finished laundry, put stuff away, vacuumed where old couch was, washed dishes, Carol tried to find guy to help move couch because first guy flaked. Carol’s couch had been gently used by two neighbors after her, great couch, wanted me to have. Gugys came, brought couch. Took old couch out of spare room. Oh yeah I had cleared that off at some point too. Guys had to take door off to get blue couch in. Guy put cover on couch for me. Carol and I went through insurance booklet ordering me stuff out of it out of my allotted money they give for disabled. Gathered some things things for Carol and we were both starving so we heated up Amy’s bowls. Carol left I sat fir a minute then took shower. Massage at five, ride came at quarter till. First massage since beginning of October. He needed a chisel in some places. Had been so tired after shower I didn’t even want to go, how sad is that? Came hom, B put DiGornio pizza in oven and tried burning a CD in iTunes but his PC didn’t see it. My Mac did so I burned the CD on another CD and that worked on his computer weird. Did all that while eating.

Now it’s almost time to turn in. I’m stretched out on my new couch with Jayden. We both fit so nicely. Yay for wireless headphones and keyboard!

Not gonna edit. Yeah, triggering my own pet peeves. 😉

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