No sight an advantage with the iPhone? And some more thoughts.

I was talking to Carol earlier and I mentioned that I think I have an advantage when it comes to typing on the iPhone. Thought I’d explain why I think that.

I remember the only time I looked at an iPhone when I could see. My friend had gotten one and I tried typing on it. It was really difficult to get my finger on the right place and it was really easy to tap the ‘e’ key when I wanted the ‘r’ key, for example.

With Voiceover, I trail over the letters with my left thumb and tap once with my right when I hear the key I want. It just seems to make the typing more accurate since I don’t have to tap in exactly the right location.

There are quite a few things that give me an advantage since I’m blind, now that I think of it. I’ll have to do a whole post on that someday. 🙂

There’s actually a few more things I should get down, since Steve had asked me about call quality and such. I didn’t have much time with it to really have an opinion, but I was on the phone with Carol for a bit today and I have to say the sound was much, much better.

I like to use my Bluetooth when I’m on a long call so I paired my old headset to the iPhone today. The pairing was easy as pie and it sounds a lot better than it did with the Dash.

With the Dash, I would constantly have a clicking noise. I wear the Bluetooth in my right ear and my left ear would have the strangest feeling when I was on a call. I got used to it eventually and can’t even describe the sensation and the noise, but that’s completely gone now with the iPhone.

Carol sounded better and she said I sounded better.

I have yet to drop a call and I actually made quite a few calls today. Everything sounds better and happens faster with the iPhone. I’m sure I’ll have more to report on as I go along.

Georgie has an iPhone with AT & T and her calls constantly drop, so I really think it’s going to come down to carrier and not necessarily the iPhone. Since we’ve only seen the iPhone with AT & T for so long now, it’ll be interesting to see if there are less complaints. Although I know other Carriers in Canada have the iPhone, so I wonder if there have been complaints about call quality there.

I got my ESPN text alerts straightened out. They weren’t coming through and I tried re-entering my phone number on the site, but the confirmation text didn’t come through. I called and they switched my carrier and now I’m getting baseball texts again. All is right with the world. 😉


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  1. Hey, you can try swiping instead of just dragging your finger around the screen, by swiping I mean starting on the left side of your phoneswipe your finger across the screen like you are flicking something off or wiping it off and it will read everything on your screen in order. Hope this helps.

  2. Ro

    That is really helpful, thank you!

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