“No Second Chance” by Harlan Coben – narrated by Scott Brick

After I got done with the Song of Ice and Fire books, I was craving some Scott Brick. For those who don’t know, he’s a popular audio book narrator and one of my favorites. He’s just so easy to listen to; the complete obvious of Roy Dotrice and the epic George Martin novels. So I looked up Scott Brick on Audible but the man has done hundreds of books. How to narrow it down? I began browsing and when Harlan Coben popped up it was a no-brainer. Scott Brick and a mystery/thriller? Yes please.

This book was pretty much non-stop action from start to finish. Successful surgeon wakes up in the hospital and finds out he’s been shot and nearly died. His wife is dead, his baby daughter missing. What follows is the story of desperate hope with twists and turns as a man tries to hang on to his sanity and find his daughter without really knowing if she’s even alive.

This was my second Harlan Coben book and I thought of the other one I’d read, “Stay Close” when we meet the surgeon’s lost love. Hey, wasn’t there a lost love in that other book too? There might be some recurring themes in Coben’s books but man are they just good suspenses. This one had me in tears near the end. I was bummed that the Audible description hinted at one of the twists. Now I don’t read descriptions for Coben’s books haha! I love the way he writes. He writes the way I’m guessing he thinks. This one was written in the first person so it feels more like you’re on this journey with the surgeon. Coben drops jokes when you least expect them. It’s rare to have your heart pounding in fear and then laugh out loud at a sarcastic comment. Such a great escape!

Rating: So good!

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