I can breathe now wow!! Talk about a nail biter and heart pounding out of chest wow!! He was only a walk away from a perfect game wow!! Final score 5-0 Rays against the Tigers. Both teams were no hit until the grand slam by Matt Joyce, his second this season. The bases were loaded on two walks and a catcher interference. Then Crawford his a solo homer later. And quite a few spectacular catches and a double play to keep the no no going. First no no in Rays history! Wow!!!

I’m exhausted now lol!!! GO GARZA!!! GO RAYS!!!


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3 Responses to NO HITTER MATT GARZA!!!

  1. How’d I know you were going to blog about that? *grin*.

  2. Nice work. I left a comment in the other thread, but figured I’d leave one here too. Way to go, even though you’re technically my baseball enemy.

  3. Ro

    It was soooo cool!!! I told B both teams were being no hit and he hadn’t realized it. Then we got the slam and Garza kept doing it, and guys kept catching stuff. I could barely breathe when it was over, heart pounding. I might listen to the archive again today. 😉

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