No Goalball for us

Does the title make you think I hated it? This was hard to write, But Carin alluded to it in a comment.

Yeah, woke up at 6am to be all ready for my ride scheduled to be here between 8 and 8:30. Van arrived at 8:10. I was nervous, since it would me the first time getting to the campus gym without Dave. I was also very excited and all ready to go.

We arrived at about 8:30 or so. Practice was to begin at 9am. I had Jayden’s mat all folded up in my backpack, was wearing the socks I have to wear that go up to the knee, to protect my shins, had my long sleeved athletic top tied around my waist.

I made sure the van was where I needed it and got off. Jayden tried to go left for some reason, but I told him to hop up, keeping my alignment facing forward. I had brought my braille compass, just in case.

I told Jayden to find the stairs and he took me to them, pausing for each one. He paused at the doors I don’t need but continued on when I said hop up. He showed me the ladies room, but it was locked. He always gets a kibble there.

We carried on and got to the gym without a hitch, and two others were there. I hadn’t met them before, so we talked about our eye conditions, etc. Another got there and soon Lisa and her husband, our coaches, arrived.

“The door isn’t open?”


“I gotta make a call.”

So Lisa called campus security and we waited. Lisa’s husband was telling me how the practice would go, warm up stretching, a few laps around the gym, then court orientation. He was excited and so was I.

The security guy got there. He is familiar with the group.

“I don’t have clearance to open the door.”

Ugh. Lisa and her husband got upset, but not at him. They had scheduled this six weeks ago, and had checked and double checked that it was confirmed.

“I’m gonna have to find a bush,” I said, my morning coffee begging to escape. The security guy opened the ladies room for me, since we couldn’t get into the gym.

Next came figuring out how we’d all get home. I didn’t want to wake B so early on a Saturday, partly because he likes to sleep in, but partly because he works hard all week and I don’t want him responsible for the blind part of my life. Lisa totally agreed with me, as she’s the same way with her sighted husband. So she and her hubby would take me home after we made sure everyone was spoken for.

The wheelchair soccer team practices after us, so Lisa was trying to let them know not to come, but couldn’t reach anyone.

She’s gonna open a big can of woop ass on Monday and make sure this gets taken care of, so hopefully we can practice next week.

Highly disappointing. I don’t have much else to say. I got home and B was just waking up and he wondered why I was already home. He was disappointed for me. He pointed out though, that at least I did what I had been nervous about; I found the gym with Jayden with no help, and Jayden was absolutely flawless. So, there’s the silver lining.

So, better luck next week.


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11 Responses to No Goalball for us

  1. Son of a …! Damn it! I hope Lisa whoops some behinds.

    But it’s true. you and Jayden did it perfectly. I was so scared that Mr. Sun Van guy got lost. You did everything right, it was just some numbnut up in administration who screwed up.

  2. Ro

    I was literally walking around in a daze when I got home. I managed to hide my disappointment there, but when I got home I was like, I’m not supposed to be home yet. It was a major bummer. Took everything I had to write the Roof’s birthday post. Guess it shows how much I was looking forward to it. Ah well, next week, hopefully.

  3. How does stuff like that happen? Could they not have called the boss and gotten the clearance? Such tools! But yeah, on the bright side, you made it on your own with no problems! Way to go!

  4. Ro

    Yeah, the whole thing was pretty silly. Faxes and paperwork wasn’t done, so there was just nothing our guy could do. He was not happy.

  5. Oh, that is so frustrating. I know the victory in being able to do it all as you did so marvelously, but then to return home without getting to play goal ball. So sorry and super frustrating for all involved.

    I’ve been reflecting on your comment on b not responsible for the blind part of your life. i get that — it is tricky to juggle isn’t it. as couple/partners we help each other out in different ways but also understand what you mean.

  6. Ro

    Yeah, Lisa and I were talking about it, and there’s definitely a level of a partnership in a relationship, and he does help me a lot. He was going to be picking me up from Goalball, but it was at a time when he’d be up. I guess what I felt funny about, and what Lisa said she feels too, are those moments when something happens that’s not planned, where you get kind of in a rut. We don’t always want to call our sighted peeps to bail us out. And I guess that’s kinda how it felt yesterday. Plans changed, but I wanted to find my own way home rather than call him to bail me out, even though it wasn’t my fault. It made sense for Lisa’s husband to drive me, because I’m not far from where they live, so it just worked out well. Also, it was kind of the start of the team already helping each other out, even though we haven’t played yet. The others didn’t have a sighted partner at home, and I guess I wanted to handle it like them. If that makes any kind of sense haha!

  7. Awe that is a huge disappointment! I am so sorry to hear you didn’t get to play! But that’s awesome that Jayden and you got there so efficiently and well!

  8. Yes, it makes total sense to me!

  9. Look at is this way, you had a dry run without anyone so that next week when you do get to play, you will have the route down! That will be one less thing you have to worry about that day, and you can fully enjoy the goal ball experience!!

  10. Ro

    Yeah, and luckily I’m a fast learner. The first pratice was supposed to be about getting us new players familiar with the court and such. So hopefully I’ll pick it up quickly.

    Also, Saturdays have been my recovery day, my day of not leaving the house. Since I didn’t get that, my body screamed at me to stay home today. Blech.

  11. Hey Ro. Good on you for being so independent. You really inspire me, Girl. Hopefully the goalball thing will happen properly next week. I know you were really looking forward to it.

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