Neti Pot update

So far I’m not sold.

Maybe it takes time.

Maybe it’s gotta get worse before it gets better.

I got it on Sunday and did a treatment Sunday night. I used a packet for each nostril, so I poured the whole pot in the left nostril and out the right, and then vice versa. It’s a tiny little pot that reminds me of an Aladdin type lamp. It seemed to clear my nostrils for sure, but my ears are still all jacked up, especially the right one.

I had run out of Zyrtec on Sunday, meaning Monday was a day without it, and if I thought it wasn’t working, I was wrong. Not having it sucked.

I did another treatment last night when B got home and really didn’t notice a difference. This morning I got more Zyrtec and took one. My right ear is just driving me nuts. I can feel fluid in there and it hurts. Every so often I’ll get a jabbing pain in the left ear too.

Today I was going to wait until B got home, but my right ear was just making me miserable. I decided to just to the right nostril. Which is really the left. But when I started with the left last night, it took some time for the saline to be able to drip out the right. So I was afraid maybe the fluid was backing up into my right ear. So just now I poured it in the right nostril and it still took awhile to make it’s way out the left. I might just be hoping or having a placebo effect, my right ear isn’t hurting now. But now the left ear feels a little full. Crap. I wonder if the saline is getting up in the ear canal since my damn sinuses are so blocked.

Sadia had said to make sure your head is down low enough, and my chin is touching my chest, but I’m bent over the sink. So I wonder if you need to be standing straight up. My friend does hers in the shower, so I might need to try that so I can stand straight up. I don’t know how you’d do that with clothes on because it would end up dripping straight down your front. Sadia, any pointers?

Ok seriously as I’m writing this, my right ear seems to feel better. But now the left one doesn’t. Herm. I’m not giving up on this, especially since now many people are waiting for my opinion. Guess I’ll keep trudging. Maybe things were just really backed up in there.


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  1. I just went to the drs yesterday for my ears causing me problems. Apparently the cause was lots of fluid in them. The nurse practitioner rocemmended using Afrin Nasal Spray. I have had 2 doses so far and it seems to be helping a bit. You can only take 6 doses though (2x a day for 3 days) or it will make things worse.

    I had been trying to take zyrtec and that wasn’t helping, so I’m trying the Afrin.

    Wish your head was feeling better!!!

  2. Ro

    Oh really? Is that over the counter? Last year my doc gave me a sample of Nasonex and told me to take it with Clariton. I didn’t think the Cariton was working so switched to Zyrtec. I’m wondering if the nasal spray is what did it though. I’ll have to try that.

  3. Yes the Afrin is over the counter. You can get it at most pharmacies.

  4. Hmmm … your head should be tilted, so if your chin’s close to touching anything, it should be your collarbone, not your chest. If you’re so stuffed up that the water’s struggling to wash out the other side, you likely are backing up into your ears. I stand with my back straight, but leaned over the sink. The shower would be smarter, now that you mention it, but time in the shower is a luxury with the twinlets around!

    Perhaps your local pharmacist or doctor would be willing to help you with “technique”? Try it a couple more times, and if it’s not for you, it’s not for you. 🙂

  5. Ro

    Oh yeah, once I’m actually tilting, my chin is by my collar bone, but when I start out, my chin is touching my chest. I actually started getting relief yesterday. For the first time my ears didn’t hurt and didn’t feel pressurized. I did it in the shower last night and I think it really helped. But I know how hard showers are for you to get. As of last night, I was more sold on the Neti Pot. Can’t wait to do one this afternoon when I have time for a shower. 🙂

  6. We use the neti pot – it works quite well for us.

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    Toby’s Raiser

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