Neti Pot, Neti Pot, oh Neti Neti Neti

When I was sick last winter, a couple people recommended the Neti Pot. What the heck is that, you might ask? Well, from everything people have told me, it’s a little tea pot that you fill with water and this packet of stuff that comes with the start kit. You actually clean our your sinuses with it by pouring it through your nostrils. Gross. Yeah. I didn’t try it. But yesterday a friend called and I was telling her about my allergies and she’s using the Neti Pot every day and it’s helped tremendously. So, I’m finally gonna try it. I’m hoping to pick one up on the way home from Gamma’s today. I was telling Carol about it and she laughed, because she had had one, unopened, for a while, afraid to use it for fear of drowning herself. She gave it to a neighbor not 2 days before I mentioned wanting one.

So, we’ll see how it goes. I’ll let ya’ll know what I think, because I know we’ve got a lot of allergy sufferers out there. I just want my ears to clear up and they should if this thing really works as well as everyone says. The ears are all connected with the nose and sinuses and throat and stuff, so when there’s fluid in there, it backs up into the ears. Last year it was only one year, this year it’s both. I notice a slight bit of hearing loss in the ear that was affected last year. Nothing drastic, but it doesn’t hear as well as the left one, so I’m hoping this Neti Pot is going to resolve this, and at least be a supplement to the Zyrtec so I can stop taking the pills that make me stoned. Wish me luck!


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  1. That sounds interesting lol. When Darrell and I had gone and spent a weekend up in Cedar country our allergies were going crazy – the inn keeper of the B&B we stayed in told us that when we take a shower to cup the water in our hands and suck it up our noses and blow out to help clean out the stuff.. It actually helped long enough for the allergy meds to kick in. I hope your solution is longer lasting than that but if you ever need a quick fix there you go lol. Good luck with your pot!!!

  2. I love my Neti pot! I thought it would be hard at first, but its really not, and it does help a lot! I just use a pinch of seasalt in the water.

  3. I use a Neti pot for myself. Allergies are horrendous here in Central Texas. The cedar pollen is the worst. You can actually see it drifting up from the trees; it looks like yellow smoke. Melody has very narrow nasal passages, related to her facial cleft, and she got 5 ear infections her first year because of that gunk buildup. Poor baby! For the kidlets I use Little Noses saline drops and have them blow, blow, blow their noses.

    When you use your Neti pot, be sure that your head is tilted far enough forward. Otherwise, you run the risk of the saline solution backing into your ears too. Not good.

  4. Ro

    I used it last night and it got a lot of stuff out. I’m due for another treatment, but I want to wait for B to be home haha. Something about pouring water into my nose makes me want someone home. I can’t really tell if it worked, so I’m thinking it takes more than one treatment. Right now my sinuses feel like there’s cement in there.

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