Nervous McNervousen

I woke up this morning before 7am thinking “through the town and by the river cold winds blow and then we shiver birds are winging singing teaming joining in the song”. Apparently my brain was working on choir songs before I woke up. I went to bed to watch the 6th Harry Potter movie, which B got me for an early Christmas present. I really didn’t think I’d last through the whole movie, but I did, so I didn’t sleep till after midnight, and woke up before 7. Oh boy.

I’m nervous. I think I had the jitters a little in the past, but not like this. We had 2 months to rehearse these songs. 2 months. And in my old choir with Miss K, I think we had like 5 months. Also back then we had a mandatory rehearsal the week prior to the concert, where all the choirs came together. Then, the day of the big show at the music hall, we arrived at 1pm with all our costumes and make up packed up. We loaded into the dressing rooms, and then it was blocking and rehearsing until 5pm. We had dinner break until 6pm, came back, got dressed and made up, and the show started. See how much rehearsing that was?

tonight we arrive at 6pm, warm up, and sit down. We don’t go on until after the other 3 choirs. We don’t get to warm up again. My solo is after 4 songs. I won’t have time to lubricate my throat. What if I have to pe before we go on? What if I can’t, and then I have to pee the whole time we’re singing? What if my voice cracks like it did on Tuesday? I’ve got friends coming to the show. What if I’m terrible? What if the choir is terrible? What if we totally embarass ourselves? What if I trip and fall? What if I forget the words to my solo?

Ok, had to voice those fears. I was screwing around on a new commenting system this morning so it kept my mind busy. Now it’s all flooding in. I think I better crochet to Harry Potter again.

I’ll be drinking my pineapple juice and eating Pringles today. Pineapple juice and salt are great for preparing a throat to sing.

I have to have a Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger before the show. I realized this the other day. We always went to Carls Jr. on dinner break for the big show and I always had that. So I told B and he’s getting that for me sometime after 4. L is picking me up at 5:20. I can’t eat in my clothes because I have to wear white and I always spill on white.

Ok. I feel better. I think. I think I’ll go crochet now. I’ll let you all know how it went tomorrow.


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  1. Anonymous

    Hanburger or no hamburger, the show will go on!! You will knock em dead, no doubt about it. Break a leg!!


  2. Ahhhh Good luck Ro! You’ll be amazing!

  3. Good luck. We’ll be thinking of you as we mess around thinking up sequels to the function game. You’re going to do fine. I know all about the performing nerves, and the best and really only thing you can do is just go out and try to nail it as best you can, which I’m sure you will.

    Oh, and I’m glad you like our new comment system now. Thanks for helping us with the Mac end of it.

  4. Relax. Relax. Breathe, breathe, breathe. You will do just fine.

    I’m sure you can nudge L and ask her to take you to pee before the action starts if it really is on your mind.

    Glad we could provide distraction.

  5. Ro

    Thanks everyone!

    I crocheted a row to Harry Potter and then ate some Pringles and pineapple. Strange combo. Then after I was done with the pineapple I thought, oh no, what if this upsets my stomach?

    B is up now. He gets up at noon or later on weekend. this morning I was so wishing I could do my own laundry already. Laundry has to get done and dinner bought before about 4:20 so I’m starting to freak about my schedule. Oh dear. Was I like this back in the day? I have no one to ask, and no blog from way back when.

  6. L^2

    I remember those pre-performance nerves well from my music days in school. I’ll be crocheting today and thinking of you. Good luck tonight! Just try to relax and breathe. You’ll do great, I’m sure.

  7. Ro

    I figured out why I’m so much more nervous than I used to be. Several reasons actually. As I said in the post, getting to the hall that early made things a lot easier. I realized today that I have absolutely no control over when I get there, when the laundry is done, when I eat. I mean I kinda do, I told B I need food around 4. But it’s another part of the loss of independence, something I haven’t felt in a long while.

    And the biggest reason I’m so nervous. I was always the under study. I don’t think I was ever the main soloist in a concert before. For small shows on tour I got to sing, but never at the main concerts. There was once that I was in a trio, but there were 2 other girls singing with me.

    So that’s a big part of my nerves too. If I wasn’t singing solo, I wouldn’t be so nervous.

    I told B I was so nervous because I haven’t done this in awhile. He said, yeah you have, every Tuesday.

    Haha. Not in front of a crowd. I know he was trying to help 😉

  8. Oh, good luck tonight! I’ve sung solos at my church previously, so I understand how you feel. What I always tell myself is that it’s okay if you’re not perfect. If you were perfect, you’d be a professional singer and on American Idol (and they’re not even perfect). So just enjoy yourself and relax as much as possible.

    My worst singing experience was when I sang a solo at my brother-in-law’s wedding to an accompaniment track. The track was on cassette (it was 10 years ago), and after the rehearsal, the sound guy forgot to rewind the tape. The song was on the tape twice but in two different keys, so when I got up there for the performance, it started playing, but in the wrong key! At first, I didn’t even realize that it was the wrong key, and I sang the first few notes. Suddenly, I realized it was the wrong version, in a man’s key, which would mean I’d have to sing either SUPER low, or one octave up. My mind was racing, what should I do, what should I do? After a couple seconds, I just announced, “I’m sorry, this is in the wrong key. Can someone please rewind the tape?” But the sound guy wasn’t in the room where the music was being piped in, and no one went to tell him–so I stood there, not singing, waiting for someone to do something, for the next 4 minutes until the track finished playing. Then I went back to my seat. It was horrible.

  9. You can do it! And oh yeah. If you think you’ll have to pee, believe me, you will. so don’t think about that! Haha. How do I know this? From experience. My issue when singing is not visible nervousness. I appear pretty calm, but my mouth gets all dry. Thankfully, there have been only three times I can think of where my voice decided to totally leave me. As for peeing, that’s only happened once. And I just realized that didn’t sound right. LOL! I just felt like I had to go while our choir did an Easter cantata.

    By the way, for the techies out there, is there a way to subscribe to all comments on Blogger, or do I have to do it one post at a time? I’m used to LJ where all comments go to my inbox.

  10. You have to do it one post at a time.

  11. Carin, don’t you know I’m too lazy to do that? LOL. Oh well, it’s all good. Man, I’ve found so many nice bloggies in the past two days I’ve added to the RSS feeds in Outlook.

  12. ((((((Ro))))))) Sing for me toots, I’m counting on ya!!! 🙂

  13. By now you are up there singing doing an amazing job, I’m sure! Thinking about you! Pineapple juice and pringles – interesting combo but sounds like it is a good one!

    Laughed – can relate to the worried about needing to p. I often get nervous (not for singing — i wish i could… but for speaking) and realize I forgot to go first. I am sure you will do great!

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