#NaBloPoMo – Time taking its time to pass

Have you ever had a day that seemed it would never end, but not in a bad way? That’s today for me. It’s now approaching three in the afternoon but it feels like it should be early evening. Usually when I have days that feel really long, it’s because I’m incredibly fatigued and begin counting down bed time at noon.

Usually days I feel great mentally and physically seem to fly by, and are few and far between. I’m not sure what sets today apart, but I’m already telling the negative voice in my head to shut up. It’s a false sense of happiness, it whispers. Tomorrow won’t be so good.

Shut up, just shut up. I know tomorrow might be full of ick. It’s supposed to be cold and rainy. I have no doubt that it will be, because as I lay in bed reading last night, I felt the pressure begin to change in my ears, and this morning my sinuses felt like a water balloon being filled too full. Luckily a Zyrtec fixed that little problem.

I had laundry to get done before the afternoon when the winds would come. They would come, with gusts up to fifty miles per hour, so my weather page said.

Any guide dog handler will tell you trying to work in the wind is no fun at all. You can’t hear a thing and it’s lucky you have your dog. It’s still just completely undesirable however, and one of the times Jayden and I got lost in the early days was due to wind. I couldn’t hear my sound sources to know where we were. Today I had to get the laundry done early and actually began bright eyed and bushy tailed. Well unless you factor in the fact that I sounded like I was getting a cold before the Zyrtec kicked in. I’m just speaking of my attitude, which is rarely that happy in the mornings haha!

Carol kept me company on the phone during this chore; my Bluetooth headset coming in quite handy. I don’t make a habit out of working Jayden and talking on the phone, but going back and forth to the laundry room is no biggie.

I had just put the last towel away and walked by the front door when I heard the wind. Good timing. Carol and I hung up and I heated up some lunch. I was thinking it was nearing time for afternoon coffee but when I checked the time it was just coming up on noon. Or was it eleven? I can’t remember. Noon I think. Regardless, the day was crawling by and I took notice of it for some reason. I honestly don’t even know why I’m writing this. Maybe someday it will become clear, or maybe it won’t. Maybe it just doesn’t matter.

As I was eating lunch my friend L called. It’s been ages since we’ve caught up. She wasn’t feeling well today so she took a personal day and had run by Target before going home to relax. We talked while she shopped and I mentioned something about my Glade Plug-In with the fan I love so much and how I’m hoping this year to find holiday scented oil. She had just passed that section, and decided to pick some up for me. I was so excited! The one she found had a free plug-in warmer. Nice! She’d run it by after she was done shopping. We hung up and I tidied up a bit, easy with how clean my house is. Unfortunately she couldn’t come. Something came up with her son so she’s going to try and drop by tomorrow.

I dissolved into the deliciously hot bath I had been looking forward to all day. I listened to an audio book while soaking in the hot water, which cools too darned quickly.

I got out and gave my hair a blow out after lathering with yummy smelling lotion. These baths are always treats to me which is silly, since I can take them as often as I like. In all actuality however, they sometimes completely wear me out, so it’s a gamble. How will I feel after this bath? Luckily today, great.

It’s just now three. I think I’ll go catch up on Twitter since I was fairly busy this morning. I wonder what I’ll read. I wonder what fun information I’ll get in those brief statements.

I suppose this is one of those silly and rather useless posts, but I really was marveling at how slowly the hours were ticking by, letting me enjoy a day of feeling good and getting things accomplished. Shut up, negativity. Tomorrow might be full of ick, but it’s up to me to keep it from being miserable. And, I have new scented oil to look forward to. It’s the simple things. 🙂

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