#NaBloPoMo – The Yoga Strap Adventure

I’m beginning this post at 11:17am. Weather conditions are as follows:

Temperature: 47 degrees F

Humidity: 81 percent

Dewpoint: 41 degrees F

Wind: North at 0 mph

Pressure: 30.30 in rising conditions

Clouds: Scattered clouds

Forecast: Today
Showers and isolated thunderstorms this morning…then partly cloudy with isolated showers this afternoon. Highs 55 to 60.

Before I go any further, if the wind is blowing at 0 mph why do they say it’s blowing north?

For anyone with any kind of auto immune disease like mine or arthritis, or old surgery scar tissue or an old injury or any kind of physical or mental condition that makes this kind of weather send your body into panic mode, you’ll understand why I included all that weather information. Heck, just about anybody would be affected by this weather, yeah? Especially those of us in the desert, for all you cold weather folks laughing at my chilly conditions. This weather is precisely why I chose to stay home even though I had my ride lined up to go to the gym and was very much looking forward to it.

Yesterday at Gamma’s, we sat at her kitchen table, both feeling the approaching weather. An eighty-seven year old and a thirty-two year old, comparing aches and pains. I asked if she still had that knee brace she always hated, because my left knee was giving me fits and I just wanted pressure on it. I’ve also known for awhile now that I need to give my knees support when I work out. She didn’t have the brace but she had an Ace bandage. I knew I had found one of my own during all my cleaning, so figured that would be a great way to brace both knees for today’s gym adventure.

Last night I practiced wrapping the knees and felt instant relief. My bandage is a lot newer and fit more snuggly. The one Gamma gave me had lost most of it’s stretch, but added a nice warmth.

When I got up this morning it was cold, but not raining yet. By the time B went to work, it was pouring and I decided it was a good day to stay home. Canceling my paratransit always feels like calling in to work for some reason haha! I always try and cancel at least two hours before the ride is scheduled to arrive.

I next called G and he knew immediately I wouldn’t be in today. I said I would do Pilates and yoga and quickly got ready before I lost my motivation.

I’ve been meaning to fashion a strap out of a ball of leftover rope, for one of the yoga exercises. I don’t have a proper strap or tension band, so I’ve used Jayden’s leash but even completely unhooked, it’s not quite long enough. It also really hurts my hands to try and hold my leg straight up in the air to get a good stretch down the back of it. The leg suffers, since I don’t pull on it the way I should as my hands scream in protest.

So I decided what length of tope would be appropriate, and then cut two more lengths to match. I wanted to braid it, so it would be thicker and easier to grab and also so it wouldn’t be so thin it cut into my foot.

The cats very much enjoyed the braiding of the rope. I had to go into the bedroom and close the door. The braid came in handy to lure Timmy later, since he doesn’t beep right now.

After I did the Pilates ab and leg workouts, I switched to the yoga. I have all these workouts on my iPhone. The yoga is from the instructor at GDB, who teaches yoga to the students. I wonder if she still does?

The braided rope strap worked well enough. It was longer, so I got more of a stretch in my leg but the rope dug into my hands even as I wrapped it around my palms. I thought about tying in a handle somehow later. I still just wasn’t happy with it.

I had wrapped both my knees, not necessarily for the exercise since they aren’t tough on the knees, but more so because they were throbbing with this weather. I decided to unwrap the old bandage with no stretch and throw it out. Then as I balled it up, I got an idea.

Would the Ace bandage with no stretch left work as the strap?

After I returned to my warm sweats and fluffy socks, I brought the ball of Ace into the area where I do my yoga. I folded it in half and got on the floor. Oh perfection! I could wrap the fabric around my palm and it didn’t hurt and it was plenty long enough to rest my elbows on the floor. The surface area of the bandage is much more comfortable for my foot. This time, I did add handles. I just planted my left hand where the good stretch position was, sat up and tied a square knot. I then did the same with the right side. The resulting strap is soft fabric with perfect handles tied at the correct spot. Yay!

I played around with it a bit, standing and figuring out how to stretch my arms with it. What a perfect use for an old and stretch free Ace bandage! I suppose the braided rope will now be a cat toy.

As a funny aside, after the yoga ended and she said, “namaste” and I was enjoying the post yoga stoned feeling, Carin’s voice filled the room, and then Steve’s. Huh? Oh yeah, I had moved a piece of audio they had done at the Vomitcomet to my phone at one point, and stuck it in the yoga playlist to find easily. It cracked me up, because usually when I’m done with yoga I sit there for a bit, coming out of the half comatose half meditative mind set I always fall into. Perhaps, if Carin and Steve hadn’t begun talking immediately, I might have sat too long and forgotten about the strap, stripped off the Ace bandage with no stretch and thrown it away. Maybe, just maybe, we have those Canadians to thank for the excellent use of an old Ace bandage with no more stretch.


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3 Responses to #NaBloPoMo – The Yoga Strap Adventure

  1. Well what do ya know, some of that audio is useful for something! Maybe it’s time we changed the slogan on our page. Vomit Comet. Helping find new uses for old garbage since 2011. Glad we could help…such as we did.

    Man, I wish I was good at making things. I always hear about all this stuff people MacGyver together and get a wee bit jealous. I, without exageration, am incompetent at being handy. If I can take something apart, it’s either not supposed to come apart or there’s no way it’s going back together without intervention from somebody with a clue. It doesn’t help that Carin’s dad is a genius or that mine could also build or fix just about anything either. They make coming up with contraptions look so easy that I sometimes feel like I should just trot my testicles down to the man card store and turn them in.

  2. Ro

    Hahaha that’s B as well. I’ve always been handy and very thrifty and creative. When I want something, especially now, I can’t just get it, so I find ways to make it. That can be a bad thing too, because I’ll save just about anything. Who knows when someday I’ll need to raise one speaker up. Oh look, good thing I kept this old CD holder thing. It’s perfect. Sometimes my pack ratness comes in handy, like the discarded duvet cover turned cat tree cover but mostly there’s just a bunch of old stuff I’ll never find a use for.

  3. I’m half way there. The saving stuff because we may need it part…I’m pretty good at that. It’s just the knowing how to do what with it and when thing that gives me trouble. You know, the important part.

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