#NaBloPoMo – Replacing Cheetos

I go through phases where I’m totally addicted to Cheetos. I end up eating them at night while listening to an audio book and it becomes total habit. I don’t go through a whole bag so that’s a good thing, but still. After I’d have my fill of Cheetos, I’d go looking for something else. It had gotten a little out of hand.

I didn’t gain weight, which is good, but I’ve stopped loosing as well. I’m only six pounds away from my target, so something has to change to try and reach that goal. The last two nights I didn’t have any Cheetos. The first night I finished the Red Vines I had and then raided the peanut M&M’s I had found while cleaning out cupboards. Apparently it’s not Cheetos at all, but nighttime hunger and the desire to snack. Last night I felt the hunger but ignored it and instead thought of healthy snacks for the evenings.

When we go to the Melting Pot, my favorite dipper for the cheese is the raw cauliflower. When there’s a small piece I won’t even dip it in the cheese. It has such a yummy nutty flavor almost. I also love raw broccoli. The other night when I was thinking about stopping the Cheetos I thought about those little baby carrots. Last night I thought about making a nice big mix of veggies on Sundays for the week ahead.

Carol and I had talked about this very thing and she had mentioned cheese and crackers. Her dad enjoys that at night. It’s actually been studied and they say eating before sleep keeps your brain functioning. Who knows how accurate that is. Are eggs bad for us right now? Is coffee going to kill us? Who knows when “they” say. Anyway I was contemplating cheese and crackers, too. Chedder cheese on a wheat cracker, with maybe some spicy mustard. That would take work every night though, I thought.

My mind wandered back to the cheese and cauliflower and I thought, what if I chop up cauliflower, and broccoli, add the baby carrots and cube some cheddar cheese? That would make a delicious snack mix, if you ask me. I don’t have ranch dressing in the house, so that’s even safer.

Cheese is good for you in moderation, but I did have the thought that adding cheese to my veggie medley would be a bad thing. Why though? It’s not like I’d cube an entire brick of the stuff, and it wouldn’t be that horrid cheese sauce.

So, I think I’m going to get that stuff today. I wonder if one head each of broccoli and cauliflower will be enough for a week? The last time I cut up a head of broccoli, there wasn’t very much of it. Maybe I’ll get two of each, a bag of baby carrots, and a small brick of cheddar cheese. Yes, that sounds like a good plan.

I’m blogging this to hold myself accountable for this switch. I won’t completely deny myself Cheetos, but I can’t stay in the habit of eating them when I get a bag. It needs to stop at one bag every so often. I’m such an addict! One is two many and a thousand isn’t enough. Maybe the veggie medley at night will kill the Cheetos craving.

Do you have any tips for night time snacking? I read once to brush your teeth before bed. Duh, I always do. The article said if you brush your teeth, you won’t want to eat. Huh? Ok, that doesn’t work for me haha! I’ll just brush them again.

I’m getting hungry now, thinking about my veggie medley! Oooh, mushrooms. I could even add sliced raw mushrooms…


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5 Responses to #NaBloPoMo – Replacing Cheetos

  1. I loooove to snack, specially at night.
    I just eat… well, whatever I find hahaha!
    An the bad thing is, I really don’t like broccoli or caulyflower

  2. Ro

    I’m really looking forward to my healthy snacks. I don’t have them yet though. But oh, looking forward to it!

  3. Hi Ro,

    Maybe try mango saubae, or crush up a number of fruits and vegetables and blend them up into a juicy pulp and either separate them to make a fruit juice, or leave them together and create a yummy smoothy out of it. Or, mash two banannas with a teaspoon of sugar!

    Hope this helps, now I’m hungry hahaha!


  4. Ro

    Oh those would be good for afternoon snacks, though I don’t usually feel the need to snack except at night and I like the hand to mouth aspect of the Cheetos. I just chopped up my veggie and cheese medley and my mouth is watering hehehe!

  5. Ro

    Oh yeah, I’ve tried fruit at night but it’s got too much erm, fluid in it. So I wake up in the middle of the night haha!

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