#NaBloPoMo – I just had to finish the book

Let’s see how quickly I can write today’s post without it being something simple and silly just to fill the space for November second for my third 30X30 project. I have no idea what this will be, let’s see, shall we?

I knew I would be pressed for time today and this morning nearly talked myself out of going back to the gym. There had been a small hiatus but that might be explained in another post. I knew I was cutting things close, getting a post in today before things get too busy later this afternoon and still, I inserted the final CD into the laptop, an audio book my friend JB sent me.

This will also be another post, one I’ll write for sure this month because the book deserves much more than a passing mention. It was sixteen CDs in all and I had burned them into iTunes to transfer to my iPhone (iAddict?) to read at night. I knew I was nearing the end of the book last night so had added the next book JB sent, to begin after this one ended. I had somehow managed to skip the last disc, much to my dismay as I lay in bed last night, hungry for the ending.

I told B this, after I had begrudgingly began the next novel, and B said, “King’s endings always suck anyway; you aren’t missing anything.”

At first I almost agreed with him, even made that same reference as I ended yesterday’s post, but this one was going to be different, I knew it.

I often take a character into myself when I read, especially if I really get into a good book. I’m finding bits of Liesey in me now, though a lot of the parts of her that I’ve taken into me were already parts of me, long ago buried. Her husband Scott too, is taking some residence. After all, they were two now, weren’t they?

After I returned home from the gym today I knew I needed some lunch and Liesey said, “why don’t you finish my story as you eat your Amy’s Bowl?”

And so I did. And so her story became the first of King’s novels to not only disgust me and make me cry out in the evenings when I didn’t hear B enter the room. It made me shut the book off after the can opener came out and when my fingers danced over the top of the mixed fruit can Gamma gave me, I was never so relieved to feel a pull top there.

The ending was perfect. The afterward by King made my inner writer stir and beg to go “down to the pool”.

This is one of those books that shall be kept, put in a safe place, into the pool I might need to visit somewhere down the road when I need to find my inner Liesey again.

I had thoughts of running home and writing about my day at the gym. That will be in another post, maybe. For when you reach into the pool and lazily run your fingers through the cool water, they take on a mind of their own and who knows what you’ll write? I’m grateful for this post. I don’t think I’ve ever put my immediate feelings down “on paper” right after finishing a book before. A year from now I can read these words again and remember the feeling this book left me with. Calm, serene, happy and not at all empty. It’s a first, finishing a book and not feeling empty, rather feeling completely and utterly satisfied and not needing more. I really believe this is a first for me. I want no more. The story was closed, the last out made. Bool for real now. I wish I had an RC.

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