#NaBloPoMo – How about an introductory post?

For some reason the fact that I was able to officially sign up for NaBloPoMo this year is making me a little twitchy about the coming posts. The last two years I just did it for fun and slapped a 30X30 label on the posts. I’m still going to keep the same label for this year. I do want to change some things though, since before I just wrote a post for the daily count and it might have been just a link somewhere or something irrelevant.

This year, I’m really hoping to spark my inner writer back to something of a breathing being again. I used to say I might be a writer but eventually I came to believe that I am a writer. If you’re good at something and enjoy it, I believe you are that thing. Sure, I might not get paid for it, but that might come and if it doesn’t, I’m still a writer.

So having that part of myself take a leave of absence has shaken me. Unofficially doing NaBloPoMo last year seemed to awaken that part of me and I ended up writing over sixty thousand words of a young adult novel. Will it happen again this year?

This blog has never had a specific kind of content. I started it to document my journey of getting a guide dog and it has become a way for me to take snapshots of my life, the way I used to do in written journals. The biggest difference is that it’s public, so there’s a lot of things about my life that don’t go into these “pages”. It still has it’s own brand of catharsis however, and it’s wonderful to have something to look back on.

I want to say I know what will come out over the next month but I don’t. I do know I want to write a little more bout myself. I have a ton of friends on Twitter now and my posts are linked there, so who knows who might read? Do you want to know more about me than my tweets portray? You might get that information here, but again, I have no idea what might come out haha!

I’ve been furiously cleaning my house. It’s much deeper cleaning than the normal maintenance cleaning. I’m going through every nook and cranny and getting rid of stuff. In the book, “The Artists Way”, Julia Cameron writes that as you practice the steps in the book, you’ll find yourself wanting to start cleaning out cupboards and drawers because your artist child is trying to awaken. It’s something like that anyway. Is that what is happening to me? I hope so. I’ve missed writing.

I have a few ideas for some posts and I know there will be a “They Landed Here” post, since I’ve been saving search queries for quite some time. Aside from that, who knows? Of course I’ll write about Jayden and probably baseball. Is there something you’re curious about? Something you want me to write, to explain, to tell the story of? Like, how the heck does a blind chick clean? Those questions are normal and I love it when people ask me those things on Twitter. It’s so much better to ask than just sit and wonder and never learn. Most of us don’t get offended.

Well, I had no idea what this first post would be and I suppose it’s now a sort of introduction. If you’re a regular reader, thanks for sticking around through the ebb of the writing. If you’re a Twitter friend, thanks for reading and getting to know me more, if you keep up with me this month. If you’re a Rays fan, how achingly missing the team are you right now? 😉 Maybe I’ll write about the boys.

Here’s to writing daily again! I never missed a beat the last two Novembers and now that I’m officially a NaBloPoMo blogger, I’ll have to be passed out not to write. Let’s just hope Blogger holds out with the accessibility.

I feel like Stephen King; I don’t know how to end this post. “Bool, the end!”

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