#NaBloPoMo – First Sestina Poem (Cheese warning!)

Today I’ve been simmering with increasing annoyance over something completely out of my control. Long story short, I let myself get annoyed because I didn’t want to start a project and get interrupted by an inspection that never happened. I could have just done my stuff anyway but no, I sat and seethed. I desperately needed out of that awful mood and I had to write a post for today. I know it’s bad when I don’t even feel like writing.

I was recently reading through Jordi Scrubbing’s blog and ran across his first Sestina poem. He had linked to another who linked to a page explaining how to write one and I bookmarked it even though it didn’t make much sense to me. Today I decided I’d figure it out or cry trying.

I found this page on how to write it, which finally made the concept click. It recommends writing six words on paper but obviously I can’t do that so I instead wrote them in a text document. I just wrote words based on what I was doing and the mood I was in and went from there. The resulting poem is cheesy but I was just getting a sense of how it worked. And you know what? It got me out of my bad mood as the end of the poem shows.

It looks like we might be starting a chain of writers writing Sestinas, so if you write your first, throw me a link so we keep it going. I challenge you to try it! Ok, here’s the unrefined result:

Banishing Annoyance

I sit and wait as Bolero plays
Different things I have done to fend off growing boredom
Time waisted sharpens annoyance
At least today I did not combine it with hunger
The world would be more peaceful if everyone used consideration
I just want to get to my chores

The only thing in life that will wait for you are chores
Lamenting lost time as an eighties band plays
I give doing dishes thoughtful consideration
Perhaps a party with suds will divert the boredom
Sleepiness set in after curing hunger
Attempting this poem is distracting from annoyance

I dislike the feeling of annoyance
After all they are just chores
I’m sure my dog is feeling hunger
I check the time as Metallica plays
No longer am I plagued by boredom
However I still wish they had shown consideration

Would you give the thought of eating squid consideration?
Does waiting for hours cause you annoyance?
Do you find difficult poems a fun cure for boredom?
How loud is your music when you do your chores?
Asking questions as Guns n’ Roses plays.
A song induces past feelings of hunger.

As time ticks by I feel pangs of hunger
as I give dinner some consideration
I must keep writing as the song plays
No knock on the door deepens annoyance
Think positively, at least I got out of chores
and there is no longer a hint of boredom

Baseball is so great to battle boredom
Now I feel a deep hunger
for my favorite sport and not the chores
I’ve forgotten the lack of consideration
and find I’m losing the feeling of annoyance
thinking about the game Longoria plays

McBride plays and I’ve lost my boredom
Annoyance has fled and I just feel hunger
Who cares they lack consideration and kept me from chores

I plan to write more of these and actually add some substance. This first one restarted my day so I’m glad for that!

I just thought about this after I posted and realized I need to increase the verbosity settings in Voiceover so I can hear punctuation in Jordi’s sestina. Hello, learning curve. 😉

Another last minute thought, why does his sound different? On mine, Voiceover doesn’t read each stanza through, it separates each line. Anyone have any ideas about why that is?

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