#NaBloPoMo – Doggy Diaries – Audio: Jayden playing with, and losing, a milk jug

Jayden loves to play with empty milk jugs. This afternoon I organized another cabinet and found an empty one I had rinsed and saved for him. We began playing and he ran with it and lost it. He went in the bedroom and stood by the dresser but I didn’t find it. Then he got on the couch and gloomily lay down. I was a woman obsessed trying to find the thing for him!

I searched under every piece of furniture in the living room since it had sounded like that was the last place he’d had it, but the fact that he had stood in the bedroom made me feel around under the bed. I have no idea how he managed to get the thing under there, but there it was.

When he discovered I had it again, he jumped off the couch and was happy again. I had just given it to him when I thought to grab some audio. Someone had suggested Jayden audio after the Hanging with Ro bit. Jay seemed disappointed when I took the jug again, but they get destroyed so quickly I didn’t want him to kill it before I grabbed the iPod.

We got some great audio! Eventually he went running again and lost the jug once more. The end of the audio gets a little boring as I look for the jug again, but by that time I was so worn out I gave up and stopped the audio.

As of this moment, I haven’t found the jug again, but I haven’t searched very hard. 😉


Direct link to youtube audio

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