#NaBloPoMo – Doggy Diaries – 21 Things at 21 Months Together

Today is twenty-one months since I was matched with Jayden at GDB, so I thought I’d write twenty-one things, in no particular order, I adore about my JayBay. 🙂

1. The sound of him drinking water, and the wet snoot he almost always puts in my palm afterwards.

2. Touching him on the couch to find him on his back all sprawled out and happy.

3. The contented grunt he makes when I scratch his ears or touch him unexpectedly.

4. Hearing him begin to bark or growl in his sleep.

5. Dream wagging.

6. How proudly he trots when I ask him to find his empty Wobbler.

7. His reaction to the word, banana.

8. How he gets completely still when I ask if he wants a cookie after he finds the empty Wobbler.

9. How he hops backwards into a heel position when I’ve got a treat and tap my left leg.

10. When he comes running and stares at the magic ice machine at Gamma’s.

11. How happy he makes Gamma, how he watches out for her, too.

12. When it’s close to feeding time and he watches my every move, then when I put my face close to his he goes still waiting for me to ask, “are you hungry?” then bounds off the couch and bounces in to the kitchen.

13. Hearing his contented sighs, reminding me I’m never alone.

14. The way he puts his chin on my knee, sitting in front of me, when he wants something.

15. He insists on being on the floor with me while I’m doing yoga and he will get bored and begin furiously chewing a bone, making me smile.

16. He makes laundry fun. Laundry was a chore I hated until he began making it an adventure.

17. His doggy bow every time I get the harness out. It’s like he’s asking, “how may I be of service?”

18. The way he freaks out when I blow raspberries on his tummy.

19. How he nibbles at my hands and fingers when we’re cuddling and he’s being really affectionate.

20. The way he wraps his paws around my arm. It’s like our version of holding hands.

21. The fact that he’s always with me, even when I’m vacuuming and he can’t help, he’s never far away. In fact when I vacuum, it’s almost like he’s afraid the loud thing will get me.

I just realized I didn’t really include Jayden’s guide work. Having a guide dog, it’s just a given that their work will be incredible and naturally I love the independence he gives me, but really that’s just a bonus. The best part about having Jayden is Jayden, pure and simple. How did I live without him? He has completed my life!

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  1. Oh so sweet. Happy day to celebrate!

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