“Mystery Writers of America Presents: Vengeance” by several writers – narrated by an ensemble

I’m a fan of short stories. I even enjoy writing them. The only other audio book collection of short stories I remember was a CD a friend sent me of Stephen King short stories. I recall really enjoying it. I can’t say the same about this collection.

This was one of those Audible sales I took advantage of. The name Lee Child hooked me even though I had yet to read one of his books. As the title suggests, the authors who were asked to contribute a story were told to write something with the theme of vengeance. Most of the stories were right on but there were a few that had me wondering where the vengeance was. Also I’m not sure a short story collection by different authors works very well in audio. The name of the author was given at the beginning of each story but it wasn’t easy to think, wow I enjoyed that, who wrote that, I want to read more by them. One of the reviews at Audible broke it all down though which was really nice. I read the review after I finished the collection.

I didn’t like enough of the stories to make it worth it. On the other hand there were a few I really liked and find myself thinking about. I was pleasantly surprised to find a Harry Bosch short story in the collection. That was pretty awesome!

I can’t say I recommend this, though in print it might be pretty cool.

Rating: Entertaining

“Mystery Writers of America Presents Vengeance” at Audible ~ “Mystery WRiters of America Presents Vengeance” at Amazon

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