My Week in Five er, Six Songs

A fun sounding writing prompt came up yesterday but I wasn’t sure I’d do it. this morning a song popped in my head and I started thinking of other songs to fit into a five song playlist to describe my week. I picked last Monday to today. Can you guess the song before clicking the link? All the links are you tubes and they open in a new window.

Last Monday I had to go to the doctor and she wants me to have a procedure. It’s just a procedure and not surgery, but I hope the gastroenterologist isn’t like this surgeon.

Tuesday I tried to gather enough energy to get ready for an out of town guest. I tried to find a good song about out of town guests but all I found were songs about weddings. Huh? B’s dad was here for a visit Wednesday and we hung out until Friday afternoon when he and B drove up to Phoenix for Spring Training. He flew out this morning (B just got home and said his dad missed his flight. It was crazy in Phoenix this weekend with the World Baseball Classic and Spring Training and apparently it’s spring break this week too.) and B will be back today. (Yeah, he’s already back. Can YOu tell I started this post awhile ago?) I got to prepare some food for myself that I don’t normally eat much of when I eat with B, so I thought I’d find a song about cooking. It’s fun to sing while you cook. My shrimp was dead.

I was sad the night B and his dad left so after I cooked dinner I treated myself to another season of my favorite comedy. Happy making! The show kept me company for the weekend.

The rest of the time, I listened to my favorite sport. If you don’t know what that is without clicking the link, you don’t know me at all!

Last night I went to bed early so I could get up early this morning to get ready for Jayden’s wellness check vet appointment. (He earned a clean bill of health again!) I told B on the phone last night I felt really old going to bed so early and this morning my hips hurt and my knees were popping as I was getting ready and the song that came to mind let me know I had to follow the writing prompt and write this post. I could not find the original recording of that song on youtube, so I picked that cover out of the several I listened to. It reminded me of my dad sitting around singing country songs and playing his guitar while I was growing up.

Ok, bonus round. Back in my karaoke days my friend L did this song and I’ve tried to find it for years but never knew the artist or enough lyrics. The other day I found myself singing it to Jayden, replacing the word “ladies” with his name. I finally remembered I have the Sound Hound app and after humming the song to it, I finally found it! Don’t worry, the subject matter does not pertain at all to my life. 😉

How many songs did you guess? Leave me a comment and tell me. I won’t know if you lie, but your dog will. Huh?


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9 Responses to My Week in Five er, Six Songs

  1. I only got one right without clicking, a fact which I blame almost entirely on the stupid time change. Feel fortunate that you live in a world where this matters not to you. Hopefully one day our part of the world will see fit to do away with this nonsense.

    If you’re curious, the one I got was the first one. But the popping knees could have been a second one were I able to think clearly.
    Steve recently posted..Life, The Universe, CSUN, Trixie, Guide Dog Class, And EverythingMy Profile

  2. Ro

    Uh huh uh huh, likely story and nice excuse. In your defense though, I really didn’t give many clues. I’m kinda impressed you got the first one.
    Ro recently posted..My Week in Five er, Six SongsMy Profile

  3. HAHA, I got the comedy 1 before clicking any links. And your first song frightens me now! It’s um, rather common, to have residents and interns in on my many spectacular head surgeries! HAHAHA, I’m always a learning experience for someone! Cross your fingers, but we’ve made it almost a year with no surgery!
    YAY! This was fun, maybe I’ll do this post some time.

  4. Ro

    Oh wow a whole year, knock on wood. Good job getting the comedy one. I wonder if anyone else will comment. My irregular posting has lost me a lot of readers and commenters I think.
    Ro recently posted..My Week in Five er, Six SongsMy Profile

  5. Ah well, I read, that’s all that matters! 🙂
    Well, and of course Steve reads!
    I don’t even go looking for comments on my blog because no one comments, except for 1 I found from you a month or 2 back. Which by the way, I’m up to 9 books in my book list thus far, too bad text books don’t count! 🙂
    I only got the comedy one because I have seen you tweet about your love for that show before. 🙂
    I didn’t get the sport 1 because I wasn’t sure which song you would’ve picked for that one! haha

  6. Ro

    You should put a subscribe option on your comments. Hint hint.
    Ro recently posted..My Week in Five er, Six SongsMy Profile

  7. Hmm, I am not sure how to do that, but you’ve given me a new task for tomorrow. 🙂

  8. Ro

    I use the plugin called “subscribe to comments”. You can go in and customize it and make it so your visitors don’t have to confirm the subscription via email, hint hint lol. I can’t stand when I have to confirm by email. Um hello, didn’t I press the button to subscribe? That isn’t enough?
    Ro recently posted..My Week in Five er, Six SongsMy Profile

  9. Hmm, tempted to get it now before my last show for the night comes on….
    Not sure if that will draw the readership, but hey it’s worth a shot. 🙂

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