My novice Allstar game recap didn’t have a radio feed for the Allstar game so I went searching online to discover that ESPN radio would have coverage. I looked up local sports talk radio stations, but the websites had no info about the broadcast, so I looked up local ESPN radio to find which station I needed. I had to move my little radio so it would be next to the computer and then found the station. B was home so I had one headphone from the radio to one ear, and another from the computer to the other ear haha. It was actually nicer than having the game and the screen reader both on the same headphone.

B watched on tv and my radio broadcast was about five seconds ahead, so I had to not react until B saw the plays hahaha!

My guys did realy well. David Price started and threw two innings, only giving up one hit and no runs. I was so incredibly nervous for him that first inning that I thought my heart might pop out of my chest. Sometimes his starts are a little rough until he settles in, but that was not the case last night. He did the Rays proud.

Evan got a hit his first at bat, but they couldn’t score him. He took a walk his second at bat and then was driven in to score the AL’s only run.

Steve asked for my prediction and I said I wanted it to stay as is, 1-0 AL so my Evan would be the hero. But alas, the NL won 3-1. They haven’t won since 96 so I guess they were due.

This will mean the Rays won’t have home field advantage in the World Series, but that’s ok. They’ve been playing great on the road.

Carl Crawford didn’t really see any action in the game. Nothing was hit at him in left field and he didn’t do much at the plate.

Aside from Evan’s two reaches, he also initiated an inning ending double play.

Rafael Soriano was brought in to close the eight inning. I know I know, you close ninth innings. Right? I dunno. I say he closed the eight because he’s my closer and he did great.

It was a great game for my Rays even though the AL didn’t win.

It was also a good time watching with B.

Now I’ll be lost for two days without baseball until the day after Thursday when we go to New York. Baseball really helps to center me. I know I get to look forward to the pre-game at 3:30 most days. I’m dreading today and tomorrow. 😉

Oh, Steve had predicted the NL would win 3-2 in extras. He was really close, minus the extras and the 2 AL runs.

I think I’m getting a little better in my baseball reporting skills. Yeah, I can’t remember exactly what inning things happened, or who did what on other teams, but I’m getting there haha.


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2 Responses to My novice Allstar game recap

  1. I can’t believe I was 1 run off. I was hoping that the AL would get their second run in the 9th to make me right, but they couldn’t come through for me, the jerks.

    Not sure what you or anybody else thought, but that was one of the most uneventful all-star games I can remember. The highlight of the night was a 3-run double, and other than that it had no real competition. I wasn’t overly thrilled with the home run derby this year either. Wow, aren’t I just Mr. Positive today?

  2. Ro

    This was only my second allstar game. So I don’t have a lot to compare, but yeah. Seems like that’s what would happen though when you get the best together to play each other. There’s not gonna be a lot of fumbled balls and bad pitching, a bases loaded walk, that sort of thing, the things that keep a game in the nail biting phase.

    This was the second year I tried to watch the home run derby, but to me, that’s just gotta be so visual, there’s no fun in it for me.

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