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Less than twenty-four hours ago I made the decision to pack up the Blogger blog and move it over here. Just about everyone else I know has done just that but I had been holding out hope that things would be ok and I could just stay put. That did not happen. At first, I thought the new interface was going to work, since I discovered the switch when I went to publish the post before this one. I always compose in Text Edit and paste, so you can imagine my surprise when I had the new interface.

At first I thought they really had kept accessibility in mind because posting was not a problem. I didn’t look at settings or anything though since a game was on. Last night I decided to check and make sure that CAPTCHA was not enabled on comments. I couldn’t access any settings and that was it, I was done.

So was born! I’m excited and I’ve had a lot of fun doing what I’ve done so far. I’m sure more changes will be made in the near future. Do you have any suggestions?

I would appreciate if you would leave a comment here since I’m not sure how those settings are just yet. I added a subscribe widget and I want to know if it makes you confirm your subscription by email. I also don’t know if it will be set to include part of the post in the emails you get. If so, I will be changing that since I can’t stand that when I subscribe to WordPress blogs. Comment moderation is enabled and there should not be a CAPTCHA but if there is, please let me know. You can also shoot me an email.

I thought I’d feel all sentimental leaving the old place but just like anything else in life, when it’s the right time, it just feels great! Please update your bookmarks and/or blog rolls and such and come with me in this new adventure in blogging!


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  1. Hi Ro! Welcome to wordpress!

    Where did you get the cool comment form? I’m still on .com but the comment form for my posts is terrible! Soo jealous!

    I didn’t like leaving the old place and was wondering if i should keep blogging, but i’ve decided just for my records, and i’ve just looked at my stats and it deffinetly is worth sticking around.

    Take care, and it would be good if you could get this form for the .com version! Xxx.

  2. Cool comment form? I’m not sure haha. I did the and paid for hosting because you get a lot more freedom that way. I’m assuming the comment form is just what came with the theme I picked maybe? I’m not sure.

    Were you able to subscribe? And I assume there was no CAPTCHA correct?

  3. We’re here!

    Will go see how I go about subscribing now 🙂

  4. Ceci

    Wow, your new site is awesome!!!!!!

  5. Ro

    Thanks ladies!

    I’m noticing something weird when I pull up a single post, not on the main page. Brooke, I was notified that you subscribed, so I know you’ll get this haha! Do you see a link to the Hanging with Ro post right near the title of this post? I can’t explain it. Hopefully it’s just something strange on my end.

    How was the subscribing? Was it easy?

  6. Happy to see you made the switch! I’ll update all my records tomorrow. Well, I’ll update my favorites bar tonight.. but yeah. Welcome to WordPress. If you run into problems, I know a person who helped Steve and Carin and myself get things running. Just hit me up. 🙂

  7. Congrats on the new website, Ro! I’ve updated my feed-reader and my blog-roll. 🙂

    Visually, to me it seems like there isn’t much contrast between the background color and the text color of your site, but that’s probably just my wonky eyeballs. Thank goodness for screen readers. Haha!

    Oh, and the link to your previous Hangin’ with Ro post (and the book post you made after this one) that you’re finding up near the title of this post is there for post-by-post navigation. Blogger just had newer/older post links at the bottom of each post page, but most WordPress themes put them at the top and some themes, like yours, include the name of the previous/next post along with arrow symbols for navigating through individual posts. If you don’t like those links there, you can either move them or get rid of them by editing the code in your page template (page.php) file.

  8. Oh, darn, I don’t see the option to edit my first comment, but maybe that’s because it is awaiting moderation since it’s the middle of the night and all. Anyway, the code you want for the previous/next post links will be in your single post template file which is probably called something like single.php. I had been editing my page code when I commented, so had pages on the brain. Haha!

  9. I see the links to the posts you’re mentioning. That’s not a bug, it’s actually a previous/next post navigation thing that more and more themes seem to have now. I wonder if there’s a way you can hide that if you don’t want it.

    I see Carin helped you with the subscribe to comments plugin. If I can make a suggestion, turn off the subscribe options that allow for people to sign up for specific comment replies. When we were testing things out, we eventually figured out that a lot of comment notification emails wouldn’t send with that combo box enabled. Yours should be a checkbox like ours and that’ll solve the problem, or at least it seems to have in our case and with the other people I’ve helped with this same plugin since.

  10. Win Anderson

    I found you. You are sounding much happier. Sorry I won’t be out to visit this fall, maybe in the spring.

  11. I just subscribed with the tick box but i’ll try to subscribe with the link.

    I don’t have the dosh to pay for this so i guess i’ll have to stick with my comment form.

    This one has fields where as the one on my blog the comment doesn’t enter sometimes.

    Take care, xx. Oh wait it says i am subscribed to the post.

  12. Ro

    Thanks for commenting everyone! I’m glad the site seems to be working well. I think it completely exhausted me since today my brain has been mush haha.

    L^2 thanks so much for the coding info about that last post thing. That is definitely an odd feature but I suppose it can be useful. Maybe some day I’ll dive into the code. My friend Carol said the contrast seemed fine to her but her eyes are good. I wonder if I should change that though.

    Win, yeah it’s disappointing you won’t be here this year! Hopefully spring will be gentle. I’m definitely happier for the moment, just brain exhausted haha!

  13. You are inspiring me! Love it.

  14. Pam & Dan

    had visited your roof in awhile & found today -you moved it shows how bad I am about keeping up. wanted to let you know my mother passed away last month. she got to meet her son (given up for adoption) on July 28, she went to nursing home Aug 28 & passed away Oct 28 & she was 82. Dan & I are both fine. Working & hanging out with our littel dog & Dan brought a Harley motorcycle (his hog as he calls it). We hope you are doing well & Jason is living in Phoenix now (Dan’s son) with his wife Becky. hope your holiday will be a good one & let us know how you are doing

  15. Hey! I haven’t read your blog in a long while, so I got a big surprise when I found it again recently and read about all the changes during the last year! Crazy! Sounds like you are really happy so that’s great. I hope Jayden is well. I’m afraid to ask how old is he now?
    I wasn’t able to comment easily on blogger blogs for a long while, so it’s always good seeing people change to wordpress.

  16. Ro

    Hi Jenny! I visited your blog to refresh my memory as to who you are and was like Oooooh! Jenny in Ireland! I read a few posts and see that O.J. has retired and you’ve got your successor. Jayden will be nine in July; I can hardly believe it. He’s still eager to work though, so that’s good. I’ve put myself on retirement watch so I don’t make him work too long.

    I hope the commenting here was simple enough. I’ve seen some even on WordPress blogs that are rather complicated, wanting commenters to log in with WordPress or Twitter etc. I like to keep things simple haha.

    Glad you stopped by and thanks for commenting!
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