My interview about #RoToTrop

Today is much much better than yesterday. Much. I’m making myself stay out of bed today since I need to start regaining some strength. I managed a shower not long ago and only got dizzy once. Score!

A few weeks ago I did an interview on Blind Sports Radio about my trip to meet the Rays. The interview was put out yesterday and you can listen to it here. I lisgtened to it last night. I couldn’t help but notice what book I mentioned when I was asked for a favorite book and what date I listened to it on. Also, I think I jinxed myself talking about steroids and Pringles haha! I lay there resentfully listening last night, remembering taking my prednisone taper with the Pringles and wishing I had the taper this time around. However today hasn’t been so bad. I feel more human.

Hope you enjoy the interview!

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