My first Short Story Challenge Objects

I’ve had some pretty massive writer’s block over the last week. I haven’t even been able to formulate a blog post. So I thought I’d come back to the short story challenge and see if it will spark something.

I never got a response back from a baseball player haha, so I had Georgie pick a number from one to eight. She doesn’t read here, so she had no idea why I was asking. She instantly said seven, which was Pattib’s submission. Sooo, my challenge to myself will be a thousand word or less short story with a beginning, middle and end with the objects mountain, string and goldfish bowl. I’m giving myself a deadline of next Friday. Wish me luck!

Thanks so much for all who gave me objects. It actually morphed into things other than just objects and I kinda like that. I’ll link to this post when I do another one of these. Here were the submissions for the first short story challenge here at the Roof:

1. Carin – chair, knapsack, phone

2. Amanda – Panda, leash, guitar

3. Steve – Squirrel, refrigerator box, stop sign

4. L^2 – Winter, purple, elephant

5. Toby’s Raiser – Polka dots, music, camera

6. Katrin – Pencil, dolphin, rock

7. Pattib – Mountain, string, goldfish bowl

8. Natalie – necklace, nose, paranoid homeless person.

These were all great submissions and with every comment, I was beginning to formulate ideas. I think this challenge is awesome for anyone who wants to try writing, but can’t think of a story. It’s amazing what three words will do for you.

Ok, off to brainstorm!


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2 Responses to My first Short Story Challenge Objects

  1. Yahoo! My three words got picked! Can’t wait to read the result…good luck.

  2. Ro

    I have to admit, I was stumped at first. But the fishbowl gave me an idea and the story just developed. I hope you like it…just as a heads up, the three objects just have to make an appearance in the story, so not all three will be a focal point. But I like it. I wrote it all today. Gonna sleep on it, do the final revisions in the morning and post it. I think short stories might just be my forte, but I might be the only one who thinks it’s any good hahaha!!

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