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I am breaking through my brain fog to paste some more. I got another reply from Facebook. I’m posting his reply and what I wrote back in response to his question, because I think it’s important that we advocate for ourselves and others, and I am very happy so far with what I’ve heard. I got a response back from an actual person, which is why I’m posting the whole email, because even though this is a public blog, hopefully he won’t mind rhe recognition, as I think he deserves it. So I had just replied with a snarky “guess I’m out of luck since I can’t use the main site” and here is how he responded, followed by my reply:


Thanks for your reply. If possible, could you provide more information on the problems you’re encountering with the main site? The more feedback you provide on your experience, the better equipped we will be to improve the site for you. We appreciate your help and apologize for the inconvenience you’ve incurred so far.


User Operations
Hi Chris,

Thank you for wanting to know more; that is a rarity. I can’t say exactly what it is about the main site other than it’s just too complicated. I use a screen reader, so trying to figure out where I am on the main site is a pain. It jumps all over the place, to adds and what not. And for some reason it always takes me to one friend’s profile. There are too many options, too much clutter.

The mobile site is perfect. Simple. All I have to scroll through are status updates and the news feed. There is just a comment and like link. It’s super simple.

going to the main site is too much of a headache. I’ve spoken to other screen reader users about the sudden captcha and almost all of them use the mobile site as well. One mentioned the lite site, but that one was too complicated too.

It just really bothers me that when I signed up and did the text message, it told me I would never have a captcha again, and now I’m getting them. It only seems to happen with some links on my status.

Also, suddenly there are several friends who’s updates do not appear on my page, and I never did a hide thing, since those links aren’t on the mobile site. I’ve also got a group invitation that sounded hackish so I’ve tried to reject it, and it won’t go away. That has happened since the captcha deal.

The audio captcha really isn’t a solution, as a lot of times, they aren’t clear, and my cursor doesn’t end up in the box, so my reader talks on top of the audio. I’ve also got a friend who’s blind and deaf. She’s disturbed about the captchas as well, but can tolerate the main site.

So sorry for the book, but you asked 😉 Again, thank you very very much for responding.

I will keep updating on this.


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3 Responses to More Facebook – A human

  1. Hi Ensign Ro, I’m woefully behind on your blog, sorry about that! Facebook has been a big disappointment to me as well. It’s great that you’re trying to do something about it!

  2. Ro

    Hehe I love being Ensign ro 🙂

    Have you tried the mobile Facebook? It’s a lot easier.

  3. Woefully behind! Shame on you! I’m all caught up, thank you very much! 😛
    I won’t call you ensign although you like it, you’re just ro, ro to me! lol

    On facebook: they say they are updating again and it seems everone of the facebook users have responded! All 3 million. lol My response of “Make the site blind friendly dammit” might get overlooked! 🙂

    Good work Ro, good work! *salute*
    At ease!


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