Mom’s birthday

today is Mom’s birthday. I usually buy myself something in her memory, but I forgot this year. Unless you count the odds and ends I got at Walgreen’s today.

I know she’d love that I crochet these days. She always wanted to show me but I never wanted to. So it’s fitting that i crocheted all day today. And I know she’d love Harry Potter. We used to share Sweet Valley Twins books, and Harry Potter reminds me of that, even though they’re so different.

And then I got the phone call from GDB, and B had a truly amazing day at work today.

I just know Mom was smiling down on me today.

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!!!!!


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4 Responses to Mom’s birthday

  1. Aww. How special that you got your guide dog call on her birthday! That’s awesome!

  2. Ro

    And I slept straight for 8 solid hours last night. A first in awhile 🙂

  3. Aww…Happy Birthday Mom!
    Glad to hear you got the call you’ve been waiting for! And I’m glad you sat crotcheting and that you slept.
    All is well in the Ro household and Mom is looking down proudly saying, “That’s my girl!”

    Thoughts are with you Ro!


  4. Ro

    Thanks ((((( {{{{{ ~*~*JayNoi*~*~ }}}}} )))))

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