“Mission Flats” by William Landay – narrated by William Dufris

I have not been in the mood to write posts lately but I don’t want to get behind on books so I’m attempting to knock two book posts out today. I’ve been preparing to write this one for a few hours now haha!

“Mission Flatss” was William Landay’s first book. Are you thinking the name William Landay sounds familiar but you aren’t sure why? Well, he wrote that book “Defending Jacob” that I sorta loved a little bit last year. If you visit that post, you’ll notice a pinback from William Landay himself and also from my friend Amanda who recently finished the book. But, this post isn’t about that book.

I’m struggling with how to rate this book. Pretty much the entire time I listened I was thinking it would get an entertaining rating and then the ending knocked my socks off and I thought oh marriage material! However it’s not up there with “Defending Jacob”. It was good, for sure though.

A small town police chief in Versailles, Maine, finds the body of a district attorney from Boston. My screen reader pronounces Versailles incorrectly. It pronounces it correctly though. Um, what? If you read the book that will make sense.

Anyway, this small town police chief decides to follow the case to Boston where the chief suspect is a hard case from the rough neighborhood of Mission Flats. But did he do it just because he’s a hard case? The evidence points to him, but we all know innocent people are suspected all the time.

I won’t lie just because I love William Landay. This book had my mind wandering a lot for most of it. It also had me rolling my eyes with some of the scenarios that took place. The ending though? Holy crap! That just made up for all of it. It’s the perfect example of sticking with a book or movie just to see what happens at the end even though the beginning and middle are just so so.

I didn’t care for the narration at all. I thought the guy’s Boston accent was terrible. Granted I grew up in Arizona but still, I’m a baseball fan. What? Red Sox people, Boston is one of those darling teams, so you hear a lot of Bostonian accents even though the team probably doesn’t have any Bostonians on it. Wow am I going off the rails in this post haha! This is what happens when I’m in a perpetual brain fog for weeks on end.

Ok my gut just told me to give this book an entertaining rating. The ending was marriage material but you can’t judge a book by its ending. I’m glad I read it and I also plan to read Landay’s middle book soon as well.

Rating: Entertaining

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