Missing @Evan3Longoria and the #Rays

When I got the tweet about Evan Longoria winning the fielding bible award, I realized just how much I miss him and the Rays. Maybe I felt this last year but I can’t really remember. I think as I go deeper into my fandom, I’m just noticing how much I miss my guys.

When people are “in the house” with me on a daily basis and then they’re gone, there’s actually a sense of loss. Weird. I miss all the players and Maddon and Dave and Andy and Rich. There was a game on nearly every day and now there’s not. There’s a void haha! So when I heard about Mr. Longoria getting an award, my heart fluttered. I miss the guy; I can’t help it. You all know how much I admire him.

I’ve caught wind of a few of the others on Twitter, but it’s about impending free agency and that’s just depressing. A few of the guys have tweeted about football, but that’s it. Of course I’m listening to the World Series and it’s fun, but it’s just not the same. It’s not the Rays. I miss them.

So yeah, it was just nice to hear about Evan since I’ve been wondering what he’s up to. What do they do in the off season? I bet he’s played some golf and certainly some Rock Band. Maybe he’ll tweet at some point. I know David Price has been hanging out with his dog and watching football. Man, I used to talk such ish about Twitter, but it’s keeping me connected to my team. 😉

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