“Midnighters #2: Touching Darkness” (Midnighters Trilogy) by Scott Westerfeld – narrated by Voiceover (iOS Kindle app)

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Friday morning I was super sleepy after Snorey McSnorison kept me up half the night so I wanted to just lay down again for a bit and decided to return to the ‘Midnighters’ book I had abandoned way back in May or June. I had forgotten about upgrading my iPhone since then so I had to sign back into Amazon in the Kindle app and when I returned to the book, it seemed like the bookmark had jumped ahead a bit. I tried to go back and ended up at the beginning of the book. I decided to just listen again since I couldn’t really remember much. I left it at my usual speaking rate instead of slowing it down like I had with the last book and before I knew it I was back at the halfway point where I had left off. Turns out the bookmark hadn’t skipped ahead haha. I finished the entire book in one day with Voiceover talking nice and fast. I certainly couldn’t imagine doing all my books that way, but for books unavailable in audio, it’s a great backup.

One thing that really stood out to me in this book is that usually the second books of trilogies tend to be my favorite. There’s no setting up or concluding so second books tend to just be action packed good fun. This book didn’t really do it for me. The first one was so creepy with the introduction of the monsters that come out in the secret hour. This time I knew what they were so the creep factor was negated. Though the new human element to the monsters was kind of interesting.

I’ll read the third book at some point because it’s Scott Westerfeld so come on, of course I’ll read it. I’m also betting the third book gets crazy as the trilogy is concluded, especially since now a Midnighter might just have an inside track on the monsters.

This series just is not my favorite from Mr. Westerfeld my hero. I really have to believe that the fact these aren’t in audio format is playing a huge part in how I feel about them. I just don’t experience that heart pounding adventure that I do with a good narrator. Very grateful for the Kindle app though, that’s for sure.

“Touching Darkness” at the Amazon Kindle Store

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